• The Customer Journey

    It's friendly, it's simple, and it's stress free.


    Initial Consultation

    A typical consult of around 1 hour, by Zoom, phone or in person. To discuss your travel ideas, dates, desires and goals. Finalizing plans for your customized travel itinerary, tour, vacation or cruise.


    Step 1 with a client can commonly move into Step 3 or 4 instantly, if client is ready to proceed at this point.


    An agreement on my service charge for services to be rendered.


    Client Profile

    New Clients:

    Submission of our secure client intake form online with all required details and preferences.


    Repeat Clients:

    Verification of any new travelers, changes or updates to your client profile.



    Depending on type of trip:


    A vacation, tour or cruise, brings this into offers, quotations, discussions and request for approval.


    A custom designed itinerary, brings this into seeing a suggested day by day itinerary for approval before proceeding. Then air/hotel program quotations.



    Collecting required payments/deposits to confirm initial arrangements & accommodations.


    Post Booking

    Organizing and communicating with my local contacts and sources to plan agreed land arrangements & services.


    Open communication & engagement between you & me, to answer any questions & ideas that may arise over the months before departure.


    Pre Departure Final Consultation & Docs, [Bonviaggio!!!]

    Typically conducted 2-3 weeks before departure an in person or phone consultation with documents in hand.


    Going over completed program, day by day itinerary and reviewing all travel confirmations & documention. Granting you access to your personal customized travel itinerary using our App.

  • Why I assess service charges

    Service charges are part of the travel profession.

    I'm a travel professional, and just like many in professional fields, service charges are part of my services. These service charges vary depending on what travel I'm arranging for you. As well as depending on number of people, children, destination, type of travel and more. I do not set a fixed rate. As there is some flexibility on what I charge.


    I consider my rates very reasonable, as I do not charge based on cost of trip or hourly rate.

    I simply base my rates off of my services and the complexity it involves.


    Here are some common per person assessed service charge ranges:

    • $50-$100: Worldwide Escorted Tour Research & Handling , but customization of pre/post could be more.
    • $100: Caribbean or Mexico Vacation Research & Handling 
    • $100: Caribbean or Domestic Cruise Research & Handling  
    • $100: International Cruise Research & Handling, customization of  pre/post land may involve additional charges being assessed
    • $50: Domestic Air Research & Booking 
    • $100: International Air Research & Booking 
    • $200: Worldwide Travel Tailoring & Designing of Itinerary and all services within  [Sometimes $100 if lite in aspect]
    Family trips and groups could have a reduction in service charges, or an agreed flat family/group charge being assessed. I'm always open to discussing my service charges.
    I however will not devalue what I do, and I can refuse to work with you, if you feel this way.
    Once you're a client, I become your advisor for months & months, always here for you, always responding to you. We begin our advisor/client relationship, & we are in this together, with the hopes of our professional relationship last years & decades, even becoming friends. Many of my clients follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
    My clients receive free travel publications and newsletters frequently as part of being my client under a Virtuoso agency.
    I invite all my clients to join my private exclusive client on group on Facebook, where membership comes with a special personal added amenity when traveling.
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    In Addition To Below

    Terms & Conditions:

    Customers who make travel arrangements through Mr.TravelAgent, thereby become clients of Mr.TravelAgent/Derek Schemonitz. Avenue Two Travel will build a secure client profile in there database with your submitted details. This profile can/will be used to complete reservations, send e-marketing and postal mail marketing both directly by Avenue Two Travel & indirectly by affiliation with Virtuoso.


    Any request for removal from database must be in writing, and all requests for removal will be honored.


    Third Party E-Commerce Bookings using Mr.TravelAgent:


    Any reservation made through third party links on Mr.TravelAgent.net (i.e.: Classic Vacations, Viator, Virtuoso) you are actually making your reservation with that company on their e-commerce affiliate portal, all personal information and payment details transmitted in process of making a third party reservation are not the responsibility/ownership of Mr.TravelAgent, I will be notified of your reservation shortly thereafter, and at time of Mr.TravelAgent becomes the agency of record and you become his client at Avenue Two Travel. I will still require to collect personal/payment details verbally or by secure intake form to document our profile database and record transaction into our accounting system. At which point I will become responsible for all future communication, billing and any additional matters for said reservation. Reservations made though e-commerce travel affiliates are not subject to any agency fees in themselves. Any additional services, consultation, and reservations secured by me may result in additional fees.

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