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  • A letter to my clientele during these difficult times

    Dear clientele,

    I hope this finds you and your families healthy and safe in these exceptional times.
    In the past few months, the world has changed, creating disruption and devastating loss in the travel
    industry - including required changes at Avenue Two Travel.

    In the early stages of the crisis, we all saw the news coverage of people waiting on hold for
    hours with on-line or big box agencies only to find out there was no help offered. In
    contrast, my clients had the benefit of my expertise throughout this crisis. I
    helped clients return home from all corners of the world. I was on top of the
    daily changes, unwound complicated trips with multiple suppliers, advised on potential
    incentives, managed and advocated for refunds and navigated the changing scene for
    every single client. All of this was done without pay due to salary suspension. Commissions that I earn are
    paid only after travel has occurred, therefore since no travel occurred, my income for months
    of work was completely lost. Between April & November my salary and commissions were completely suspended basically.

    100% counting on federal and state unemployment benefits to absorb most of those financial loses to some extent. As of November the compensation policy has changed and now commissions/fees will be paid, but salaries remain completely suspended. While I remain on state unemployment benefits through end of 2020, but the difference is around 30-40% losses per month over salary now that federal additional benefits are no longer in place. Now with commissions/fees reinstated it helps a bit, but only after travel is completed. For example I have clients scheduled for a luxury river cruise in late summer 2021. I will not likely receive any compensation on that river cruise until Fall of '21. My hope is 1.) 2021 is better and clients are able to travel as planned, this will help a bit. 2.) There is another federal stimulus plan that extends and adds to unemployment benefits through a good deal of 2021.

    I take pride in going above and beyond for you and your loved ones and with Avenue Two Travel I intend to do
    that for years to come. I will continue to provide the high-level service and quality you enjoy. I ask that any travel plans domestic or international, no matter how simple or basic you consider reaching out to me for my services.


    I thank you so much for your loyalty, understanding, appreciating the value of my time, expertise, integrity and exclusive access I offer you through Avenue Two Travel.

    I look forward to bringing those same advantages to your future travel experiences - especially during these times of crisis.

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