• "What is a Luxury Travel Advisor?"

  • What is a Luxury Travel Advisor?

    So much of what goes into a successful trip is a result of the talent and dedication of your professional travel advisor.


    Anyone who has worked with me will tell you that I take the all stress out of travel planning. That I opened doors to reservations, experiences, and activities that they might otherwise not be able to find on their own. That I've worked with them before, during and after their trip to ensure a seamless experience and extraordinary value.

    What I Do As A Skilled Advisor Every Day:

    • Take the time and demonstrate the ability to discover, understand and care about your needs
    • Use my knowledge of you to find what fits your interests and lifestyle
    • Offer suggestions about where to go
    • Provide comparisons and helps you decide among multiple destinations on your bucket list
    • Advise on the best time to go and the best way to get there
    • Understand, you, my client, well enough to know when you are not making the best decision for you personally
    • Anticipate needs that you did not know you had
    • I'm dedicated to finding you the best value, saving you time and stress and being your advocate
    • Provide expertise, experience, and knowledge beyond the common – that which cannot be Googled!
    • Know the best places to stay – not just the most expensive but the ones that fit your needs best
    • Have the ability to refine the room choice and provide those special features you want – connecting rooms with preferred views, preferred bedding, etc
    • Work beyond the sale - pre travel, during travel and post travel
    • Make sure that your preferences are known and acknowledged
    • Jump in to help should you encounter an emergency & If the need arises, help with any cancellation including rebooking options
    • Have insider access to perks and upgrades
    • May ask favors of the General Manager or concierge – someone at a hotel who I know on a
      first name basis
    • Provide in depth destination information
    • Provide information and analysis on air schedules and pricin you and why
    • Compare and contrast cruises, tours, and hotels - analyzing what would be the best fit for
    • Know which suppliers should be considered and how they differ
    • Orchestrate special and unique experiences
    • Draw on my 20 years of experiences with other clients – what worked; what did not - and on the experience of the other advisors within the Avenue Two Family
    • Ask the right questions on complicated subjects and not just take the first answer
    • Use my experience to know when a claim or offer is either wrong or too good to be true


    Schedule of services I Offer to Clientele:


    (Booking requirements vary & I will clearly outline the charges applicable to your booking prior to commencing work .
    All service charges are non-refundable.)


    TRAVEL COORDINATION SERVICE (Typical of a air only or 1 hotel only booking reservation)
    ▪ Minimal charge applied per ticket or per booking for a simple booking
    ▪ Includes recommendations and room proposals
    ▪ Includes Virtuoso and preferred partner benefits when applicable
    ▪ Presentation of multiple or repeated options would constitute a consulting fee

    ▪ Consulting and analysis of multiple options for tours, hotels, or cruises
    ▪ These services require extensive knowledge, research, and time
    ▪ Concierge service and cancellation charges may be additional
    ▪ Costs vary with the complexity of the trip. I will discuss these costs



    ▪ Planning and executing a custom itinerary including Day-by-Day itinerary, hotel, and room suggestions, touring and activity options, special event options and restaurant recommendations
    ▪ These services require extensive knowledge, research and time
    ▪ Concierge service and cancellation charges may be additional
    ▪ Costs vary with the complexity of the trip. I will discuss these costs.



    ▪ Consulting and analysis of multiple options for villa rentals or yacht charters
    ▪ Requires extensive and specialized knowledge; costs vary with the complexity of the trip
    ▪ May also include planning and executing a custom itinerary including Day-by-Day itinerary, group
    transportation and touring, activity options, special event options and restaurant recommendations



    ▪ I'm happy to review plans or arrangements you have made on your own
    ▪ I will provide validation of your plan and suggestions for possible improvement



    ▪ I can provide the service of arranging your dining reservations, spa services, tee times, tennis court time, ski services, etc. for you.
    ▪ Or, I will be happy to introduce you to the concierge at your destination should you wish to make these arrangements on your own.



    ▪ This charge covers the cost of our service to properly cancel your reservation and to be sure that you
    receive appropriate refunds. This charge may be included in cancellation insurance coverage


    To read client travel feedback shared with me, please see: TRIP TALK

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