International Curation

International Curation

$100.00 - $200.00
WEB RATE ONLY - New or Repeat Clients

CARD HOLDER must be one of the Travelers.

Single Trip Curation
- Fully Curated International Travel Itinerary
[Alaska / Hawaiian Islands Curation is same price]

Inclusive of:
- Customized Itinerary [Unlimited Revisions]
- In person/Zoom/Phone Consultations [Unlimited]
- Unlimited Communications with you [Email/Phone]
- My Time/My Knowledge/My Expertise
- Private & or Non Private Tours & Transportation Arrangements
- Mobile App Access & Accounts
- Dining Reservations
- Beach Club Reservations
- Logistics

(does not included ticketed charges associated with: International Airfare, Intra country/trip airfare, ferries & or rail)

All Children 18 & under free with traveling adults

$200 x Adult
Please add all adults to your cart for 1 charge.

Hotel Research & Reservations Only w/airport transfers
International Lite does not include any CURATION: No private or non private touring, no private transfers (besides airports), no day trips, no museum/dining reservations or assistance.

Non Refundable / Non Transferable

Can be in conjunction with a cruise program with the waiving of all cruise curation!
Coming soon
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