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Travel Rebound?

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This time last year TSA was reporting around 2.5 million daily travelers in/from/to US.

When thinking about this figure TSA numbers are strictly domestic or departing/arriving into US. TSA does not exist outside US.

TSA reports that over 440,000 travelers went through TSA screening on June 7th. Compare that to the 2 million or less daily in early March, the full recovery is a long way off. But considering in early April TSA figures were in the 85-95,000 a day there is definitely a turn around being seen.

We still remain at around 15% of pre COVID-19 travelers, but it's a lot better than the 5% range we were at in April. A lot of this absolutely has to do with the fact that flight capacity internationally out of and to the US is greatly limited at this time, as well as domestic capacity reductions, so TSA numbers account for very little foreign entry/exit figures. Normally US travelers would be departing in the millions daily to their summer vacations to Europe, Asia, South America etc..., not to mention that the rise of Zoom and it's like makes international business travel almost unnecessary post pandemic.

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As states begin opening up, carriers will be able to reinstate routes and capacity again. The EU is just days away from is entry ban expiring on 15th, after which each EU county can decide when and how to allow international arrivals again. Many EU countries have already stated their policies effective after 15th, with several of them immediately accepting international arrivals.

So I expect as US citizens see they can get away from their home confines and hop of flights again we will continue to see TSA figures grow.  

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Derek Schemonitz

Luxury Travel Advisor

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