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Iceland pulls back, S. Africa pushes up.

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Iceland, set to accept international travelers when the EU entry ban expires on Monday, changes up their policy. Announced just recently Iceland had decided that US citizens and arrivals will not be permitted immediately upon ban end on 15th, and they will stick with EU residents only initially. They will review and likely add countries to the list on July 1st, will US be one of them? Unknown, but for at least 2 more weeks...maybe longer you can forget Iceland summer trips for the US. Some carriers had flights scheduled to bring visitors to Iceland, and with this sudden notice of change, those airlines cancelled their flights from the US this week.

I was excited for Iceland as an option for travelers starting this summer, but now I'll have to keep my fingers crossed the US gets on that entry list sooner than later....let's see where things go.

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In other news South Africa pushes up it's time line. Originally reported that foreign entry would not be allowed until at least 2021. It's now reporting that the entry date was moved up to September 2020. Will the US be on that initial entry list? If your planning your safari to Kruger and a visit to Cape Town, those decisions are going to have to wait for now until more concrete reopening plans are announced. I feel Kenya & Tanzania are likely in the same boat here, but for now it was announced that for at least another 30 days international flights will not be permitted to arrive in these two popular African countries for safari's into the Serengeti.

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