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Traveling during COVID, pt.3 (updates) - The East, The World

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Keeping you informed of the latest in traveling updates during COVID.

Today's update brings the first news from the Orient, as well as additional news on Europe and elsewhere.

So here are my latest reports for you all!


Indonesia’s tourism ministry has indicated Bali will reopen to travelers some time between June and October. (For International arrivals it's will likely not be until October or later)

Thailand’s international flight ban has been extended until June 30 however the country is in talks with allowing travel between nearby countries such as China and South Korea. Domestic flights restarted on May 15 and the country’s hospitality staff are being in deep cleaning and hygiene procedures. No date has been discussed for opening borders to the rest of the world.

Vietnam has emerged as the leader in pulling its tourism industry out of the coronavirus slump. Domestic flights are now back in operation, and Vietnam Airlines is said to be in discussion with the government to resume some international flights in June. Restaurants and retail outlets are back open. International travelers from a list of 80 countries, will be welcomed into the country from July 1.

The Maldives will reopen to tourists on July 1. All arrivals will need to take compulsory COVID-19 tests, must stay for 14 days or more, and need sufficient travel insurance to cover against Covid-19.

China briefly opened its borders to non-citizens in late March, before closing them again after an influx of new coronavirus cases.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s government has announced plans to reopen to international travellers from August 1. Only small groups will be allowed and they will only be allowed to stay in approved five-star hotels. Arrivals will also need to provide evidence of a negative Covid-19 test.

Japan has lifted its state of emergency and is permitting international arrivals. Though international arrivals have been greatly reduced currently. There is word of a travel incentive to visit Japan and boost the tourism economy. I'll bring you more details about that in another post.

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Italy: is now open, and welcoming travelers from all countries. Getting there internationally is likely a bit tricky now until carriers reinstate flight frequency but if you can get there, it's an option!

UK: Accepting international arrivals after June 8th, however all arrivals will need to quarantine for 14 days, until this changes tourism is a tough sell to the UK. Tourist attractions are said not be be opening until after early July.

France: July 24th at the earliest.

Ireland: August 10th at the earliest.

Portugal: Reversed gears once Spain pulled back, and now Portugal is accepting all international arrivals and visitors.

Cyprus: Opening without quarantine after June 20th.

Ibiza: Will open to vacationers & visitors after July 1st.

Hawaii: To start their 4 phase islands reopening plan on June 30th.

Florida Keys: Now open, with 50% capacity at all hotels.

Peru: June 30th at earliest.

Dubai: July 1st.

Seychelles: Now open to visitors.

South Africa: Forget Safari's in S. Africa until at least Feb 2021. The earliest date given for international arrivals currently, could change.

That's all for now, you may ask me what about Brazil, Chile, Tahiti, Fiji, etc,etc??? ... if I haven't reported on it, it's because I have not heard anything yet that I'm certain enough to post about.

Take care & stay safe readers.

[Today I sent my first clients off on a 1 week vacay since the pandemic shut everything down! woot!]

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