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  • A letter to my clientele,

    March 5th, 2021 (Updated)


    Dear clientele & potential future clientele,

    I hope this finds you & your families healthy and safe.
    Over the last year, the world has changed, creating massive disruption & devastating loss in the travel
    industry - including required changes at Avenue Two Travel, the agency I'm an associate luxury travel advisor with.

    In March 2020 all salaried advisors were either placed on furlough, or with salaries suspended, commissions suspended & extremely minimum hours.

    The main branch of the agency itself even moved to a smaller office location in Villanova, PA.

    In November 2020 commissions/fees were reinstated, but salaries remain completely suspended.

    So even after 1 full year there is no fixed income yet. My hope is that 2021 will be better & clients are able to travel as planned.


    I want you all to know, in April 2020, I could've opted to accept a furlough, claim full unemployment benefits.

    If I would've accepted that I would've not been able to talk to you, I would've lost control of all of you, and some other advisor

    would've taken over my clientele. I could've then looked for employment elsewhere within this industry or other and said goodbye to all my cherish

    clientele. Instead because I wanted to retain all of you, and be here for every one of my clients, I declined a furlough. In doing so I remained on

    with a maximum fixed payout of $100.00 a week. No salary, no commission. I was able to claim partial unemployment benefits (my saving grace in 2020/2021).

    During the pandemic, you all saw the news of travelers waiting on hold forever
    with on-line or big box agencies only to find out there was no help offered.

    In contrast, my clients had the benefit of my expertise & knowledge throughout this crisis.

    I helped all clients return home from every corner of the world. I was on top of the
    daily changes, unwound complicated trips, advised on potential incentives, managed

    and advocated rescheduling, refunds & navigated the changing scene for every client.


    I take pride in going above and beyond for you & with Avenue Two Travel I intend to do that for years to come.

    I ask that any travel plans domestic or international, no matter how simple, you consider reaching out to me for my services.


    Thank you everyone for your loyalty & understanding in these trying times. I appreciate all of you.

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