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Airlines Boost Service - Emirates/Delta & AA

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Emirates released details of the resumption of International flight service from/to/via Dubai to 29 cities worldwide. Which Include:

USA/Canada: Toronto, Chicago & JFK

Asia: Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei & Bahrain

South Pacific: Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney

Europe: Vienna, Copenhagen, PAris, Frankfurt, Dublin, Milan, Amsterdam, Madrid, Zurich, London & Manchester.

(This does not include routes and cities already in service with Emirates, such as EWR/ATH/DXB)

Emirates travelers are also now able to connect through Dubai to reach their final destination on Emirates. Emirates has implemented steps to curtail the pandemic on their planes and on the ground, which include hygiene kits which include gloves, mask, wipes and hand sanitizer to all Emirates travelers.

Announce of these routes has come with confirmation that they will be operated on 777-300's, and that Emirates expects to start using A380's on some routing commencing in July.

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Delta has begun reactivating a large part of its fleet that has been parked for months. Announcement of both wide body and narrow body planes are being moved back to hub network. Delta says July will see a 100% growth over May flights domestically. Wide body service will be used to reinstate some of their international long haul routes. Delta will have a much bigger international presence in July & August. Delta says international service will be focused on sending travelers through Amsterdam, Paris and Seoul, as well as London & Tel Aviv.

The carrier expects to operate approx 200 more flights in June and as high as 300 additional flights in July. Delta will focus its domestic boost through its hubs in Detroit, Atlanta, Salt Lake City & Minneapolis. On Fox Business News, Ed Basian commented the magic number for Delta on any single route is 60%. Once that figure was reached is would show additional service on that route is required. 

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Let's talk American now. American is also boosting service after an announcement showing a demand for more service was required. With that said, AA will reactivate 140 narrowbody flights within the next couple weeks. With a planned 55% capacity boost domestically. In addition they disclosed 83 Airbus A320's and 58 Boeing 737's will come back into service to meet the unexpected demand required for routes starting in July.

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