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Year in Review, in Travel

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A Look Back on 2019, my summary

Here we are again, it's that time of year again. When I look back on 2019.

2019 saw me leaving the travel agency I was working for including a merger for 19 years combined.

I joined a new agency in Avenue Two Travel as a Luxury Travel Advisor and a move into the luxury market place ensued. However as I explained to most of my clients via this site and social sites, this did not in anyway mean I would not want or be able to handle your international travel arrangements, even if they were not luxury. I'm happy to report that within this year I saw over 100 repeat clientele return to me for travel arrangements. Overall I sent 320+ clients and travelers off on international adventures worldwide this year. This reflects that nearly 1/3 or 35% of my client business this year were returning clients who followed my advancement to Avenue Two Travel. On the flip, this also shows I brought in 2/3 or 65% new clientele during the year, with my average client return rate this is very positive and hope to see many of my new clientele become repeat clientele in the coming year(s). I've very pleased with these numbers after making an industry move for the first time ever in my career.

In travel? 2019 saw Italy, Italia! remain my #1 destination, sending between 15-20% of my overall clients choosing Italy for the first time, or for return visits. Other strong destinations this year came from likely countries, but some new destinations are gaining traction! 2019 saw Mexico, France, Hawaii, Greece & Spain be popular choices. Yet hot on their tales this year came Portugal. Other destinations that saw my clients visit included the likes of Croatia, Scotland, England, Ireland, Norway, Thailand, Vietnam, The Islands of the Caribbean (nearly all of them), Bahamas, Northern Europe & Australia.

Places off the list in '19 surprise me a bit, as in previous years I've sent so many people to these destinations, they just did not materialize this year with my clientele as places wanting to go. Such as anywhere in South America & Central America. I did not touch Africa in '19 which is a shock as my passion for wildlife, conservation and safari's knowledge, it's disappointing when I do not send a client on a Safari. As hot as Iceland is right now, it came off my list this year, as well as F. Polynesia & The Maldives.

The biggest shock to my system comes from Asia. I'm known and certified by the official tourism boards of China, Taiwan, Japan, S. Korea as a specialist, yet in '19, no one went there. My official certifications from these tourism boards usually brings a few new clientele to me yearly that desires to travel to the Orient.

As for types of travel, 2019 saw cruising and luxury cruise lines earn spots on my list with sailings coming through on Viking Ocean Cruises, NCL & Celebrity, missing this year (and another shock), is a void in European River Cruising, as the niche falls of my list. Though I already have one booked for next year with Uniworld.

As an advisor you want to sell everything you know and love, yet sometimes it's just not in the cards to send people everywhere you desire to send them.

On a personal note, 2019 saw me travel to Cabo, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland & Italy.

I'm still posting images from Scandinavia on my Instagram account after 6 months!

A quick look ahead to 2020.

2020 will see me visit Vancouver & Alaska for the 2nd time in my life, and I'm sure there is at least 1 other international trip in the cards to be determined. Based on current clientele traveling in 2020, Italy & Mexico are starting off strong as front runners again. I already have more clients set to visit France in 2020 than I did in 2019 and Eastern Europe looks nice for next year as well with Croatia and the Adriatic looking good.

As you can see I specialize in a wealth of international destinations and send my clientele all over the world on customized trips, cruises and tours. If your looking for a Luxury Travel Advisor for your next journey or adventure. Please reach out to me, it is my goal to become your Luxury Travel Advisor for life, so the last thing I want to do is disappoint you! Cheers, Salute, A Votre Sante, Yia Mas to 2020!!!

Thank you for reading and your interest!

I can be reached @:

Derek Schemonitz

Avenue Two Travel

Direct: 412-345-7569

Virtuoso Affiliated Advisor