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Customized Italy Honeymooners

· Travel Feedback,Italy

Hi Derek!

The car/boat services were huge for us. Not having to worry about hailing cabs, missing flights/trains, things like that, we loved. It made everything super easy.

The hotels were all very nice, accommodating and their English was all very good, making that very easy for us.

We really enjoyed all the tours, I think the one we liked the most was the Vatican. One thing we discussed was that we thought the Tuscany Day Trip was going to be more wine-centered, not as much history, but it was still very cool nonetheless. Just different than we had expected.

Positano was great, we loved it. We did make the mistake of walking back up one night, but we took the shuttle every other time to go back up. I'd say it's definitely crucial to either cab back up the mountain or stay in a hotel with a shuttle, that was a game changer.

Venice was good, just cold. I'd say it's probably a lot more exciting a little earlier in the year, but nothing we could do about that with the wedding being in October and we did really want to get there, so just something we had to deal with going this late in the year.

The train was great. Once we did it once, it was a piece of cake. The train system was so easy going to and from everywhere, that was fantastic.

Overall, everything was great. You made the traveling aspect an afterthought, that way we could be present and enjoy everything that we did.

I'd refer your services to anybody, it was fantastic.

It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Thanks so much,

Ricky N.