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We are Open for Summer! 'ICELAND'

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Another previously reported likely summer destination, was Iceland.

I'm thrilled to report that Iceland is officially going to be accepting all international visitors this summer.

Iceland's official plan seems the best solution and think most of the world should follow it, if they want to accept international arrivals. . The procedure is simple (and just like I reported in earlier post): visitors will take a COVID-19 test on arrival and then will be released to their lodging, where they’ll need to remain until the test result comes back later that same day. Once they are informed they tested negative, they will be free to explore the country.

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This policy will begin to take effect no later than June 15.

So I expect soon we will be hearing an announcement that will likely see airlines add routes & reinstate flights to Iceland in response to the island country opening for summer tourism.

Iceland is very unique destination and an incredible place to visit during the summer months.

Black beaches, waterfalls, ice caves, green pastures along rugged coastlines and coastal drives never to be forgotten. With it's volcanoes and snow covered mountain ranges and glaciers. It should be on everyone's bucket list and I can help create the dream vacation to Iceland for you.

Contact me to plan your eco-amazing -adventure to Iceland!

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