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San-Tor-Rini!!!! (Santorini Getaway)

· Greece,Travel Feedback

New clients through a partner of mine, worked on a post wedding getaway, the destination yes: Santorini!

"We were going to Athens for a wedding and decided to visit one of the Greek Isles afterwards. We needed an expert to work with and Derek and Mr Travel Agent, was the perfect choice. Not knowing much about our choice of Santorini (it was very popular so we picked it), Derek was super easy to work with and provided us with options of hotels, prices and his rankings. We were thrilled with his services and followed all his recommendations. GREAT CHOICE! The luxury hotel on Santorini was perfect and our room, the staff, view, food and overall service could not have been better. We are grateful to Derek and would recommend him to anyone!"

David W.: - 5*****'s