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Slovenia, Serbia & Croatia

· Croatia,Eastern Europe,Travel Feedback

A wonderful new client, who does not write online reviews, returned from an incredible semi private/small group gastro tour through Slovenia, and then a family origins self drive exploration into Serbia, and Zagreb, Croatia. The client was happy to give me feedback on their experiences and my services, but out of respect for my client and at their request, I will leave the review as Anonymous.

"As to my trip. It was fabulous! Specifically:

  • Atlas Obscura - trip was as good or better than I expected. I really, really enjoyed it. It was
    well organized, delightful, informative, etc. [Yes, I work with Atlas Obscura if anyone is interested in a tour with them I can take care of it]  
  • Zagreb - Who would not like this hotel you chose!? It is luxurious, has two terrific restaurants, the
    staff is attentive, the rooms are comfortable. And so on.
    It was a great place.  
  • Osijek - what a great idea to just stay in that central town, and what a find!! Location, hotel,
    everything was terrific! Kudos for coming up with it & your hotel choice was wonderful!
  • Sombor - Quite a nice hotel .... very, very nice hotel for Serbia. I really think that
    this was the best choice, even with the poor location. Amazing, and
    thank you for finding it.

So in a nutshell, I loved everything, it was a very well put together trip.

Thanks, and I will be back in touch as soon as I figure out when and where I want to go next.

Anonymous Client: 5*****'s