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Good day everyone,  I know the top 10 has stopped, and I intend on finishing out the top 10.  Things have been very busy lately, and some very attractive offers have come my way over the the last month that I really had to focus on them, and of course taking care of my travel clientele.  By managing both I had to stop the top 10 for now.  Today I'm here to discuss some very big news to you all.  If your a member of my private client group or a current client I may have already made you aware of this, but now I'm putting this news out to the public, worldwide, webwide!

The title of this post says it.  "Mr. Travel Agent, LLC."  After working as a travel advisor for agencies all my career, a career that has spanned 22 years now, and oppertunity came my way recently.  This oppertunity was to launch my own travel agency, own my own travel agency, and become affiliate agency of Avenue Two Travel.  This required I secure an LLC and all other requirements to make this happen.  So here I am mid life career as a luxury travel advisor and now I have become an entrepreneur, and business owner.  The header image 'Passion Led Us Here" I feel is very fitting for it is indeed my passion for selling travel to you, traveling, and seeing the passion you my incredible clients also have for traveling, that has absoutely led me to make this decision.

While I considered a different agency name, being I have been successfully going by Mr. Travel Agent online for a good many years and continue to grow my public and social media presence as a luxury travel advisor, I felt sticking with the name was the best move for the agency.  Fortunately for me the LLC was approved with this name, so I didn't need to worry about changing it at all.

As of May 16th, 2022 you are now working with me as the owner of Mr. Travel Agent, LLC.  To you the client and potential client, I will continue to secure all your travel arrangements through my affiliation with Avenue Two Travel, and their access to preferred partner programs and Virtuoso.  So on your side of things nothing changes!!  You still get the client benefits of working with me as an affiliate of Avenue Two Travel, my website, my email address, my direct phone number all remain the same. 

I've currently hired a design team to work on my logo, and that will be coming within the next few days, so you will see this logo once I approve of the final design, it will go up on the website & social media soon.  Following that I will also have new business cards issued in the coming weeks and I'll be happy to get one into anyones hands who wants one digitial or physical.

So while my fate for the 2nd half of my career in this profession is now in my hands, it also is in your hands.  Regardless if you've been with me as a loyal clients for 22 years, 11 years, or 1 year, you all mean the world to me & so when you are ready to travel the world, let's do this together! I appericate all of you and ask you just remember to reach out to me for all travel related inquirers.  If you're considering becoming a client, know I welcome you, I invite you & cannot wait to potentially bring you on!  Clients know I'm friendly, efficient, professional, and responsive.  I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all of you!  I owe my success to you, and I owe my future to you.

Thank you to every single one of you!

Derek Schemonitz, Owner of: Mr. Travel Agent, LLC

'Your Luxury Travel Advisor'