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US Sales Rep of Dream Italy, LLC

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Another week, and more exciting news to share with you all. I mentioned in my previous post I had several exciting upcoming announcements to share with you. Today I bring you another one of these announcements! This news come in conjunction with the news of launching my own Luxury Travel Agency, and was one of the reasons I went ahead with that decision. I'm now through my LLC also the sole US Sales Rep of an Italian DMC (Destination Management Company), known as Dream Italy, LLC. So lets get into the details of this annoucement.

First I've been working very closely with the sole owner of Dream Italy for over 15 Years. I discovered Dream Italy in an effort to secure the best DMC services in Italy. Back then I discovered Dream Italy was the DMC of choice for a major vendor I was using in Europe in my early career. When I discovered this I took the initiative to reach out to the owner of Dream Italy directly and ask if Dream Italy would work with me directly, instead of through a third party vendor. Ever since then Dream Italy has been my DMC of choice, securing the best services, rates and relationships for my clients. In a decade and a half of work, the only client service issues/mishaps between us have been so minor and quickly resloved that my & my clients satisfaction rate is as close to 100% that you can get.

Over the last month or two the owner has come to me with this idea to come to work for Dream Italy. As years pass, the company gets bigger, more accounts come into the fold, and the owner came to me of all the people Dream Italy works with worldwide, & asked me to come on and become part of Dream Italy. When asked to join the company, I didn't want a small role, I didn't want to be an assistant or a clerk, I wanted to be something more if I did this, I wanted to become a bigger part of Dream Italy. We discussed my role and position within the company, and in the end we came to the agreement, I would become the sole current US Sales Rep of Dream Italy.

What does this mean to you? Well first let me explain what a DMC is/does. A DMC stands for Destination Management Company, basically it is an incoming company in the country of operation. A Luxury DMC handles private services for travelers such as private guides, drivers, transfers, entry tickets, rail, ferries, those are the basics of a Luxury DMC, then you get into the more special services such as Hot Air Ballooning over Tuscany, driving a Ferrari on a multi day itinerary through Italy, private chef cooking classes on the Amalfi Coast, Wine Tours in Tuscany, Private yachts, boats and more. I think you get the idea! As the US Sales Rep of Dream Italy, I will take on new & exisiting clientele and agency/vendor accounts for the company. You as an individual client that comes to me directly through my own Luxury Travel Agency in Mr. Travel Agent, LLC. I can customize entire itineraries securing hotels, air, insurance and non private services,and then utlizing my position in Dream Italy to organzie all your private services in Italy. You are getting the best of both worlds. Now of course I've been working with Dream Italy for along time but as a travel advisor, and not for the company itself, and using them in organizing my private client arrangements as desired. This will continue as such, but now I actually work on behalf of Dream Italy VIP for these services.

A DMC honestly does not commonly deal directly with individual clients, instead dealing with travel advisors, travel agencies, tour vendors, tour suppliers. This is what I will do most often, I will be the go to contact in the US for potentinal new accounts and maybe some pre exisiting accounts. If you are a travel advisor, travel agency, tour vendor looking for a long standing luxury DMC in Italy to work with, I invite you to reach out to me to discuss becoming an account. Rest assured your clientele's details and info will never be personally used in any way through Mr. Travel Agent, LLC, and only be used in conjuction with requirements of Dream Italy, soley for the use of services through Dream Italy. Your clients details will never be used for current or future personal gain as Mr. Travel Agent, LLC.

Now if you are an individual traveler interested in my services & assistance as a luxury travel advisor, and you are not an industry agency/vendor, you can come through my agency Mr. Travel Agent, LLC and I can tie in my ground services in Italy as the US Sales rep of Dream Italy. This is the only way I will handle new individual travelers, that are not my own clientele.

In addition now as the US Sales Rep of Dream Italy, I also have access to customize DMC services in France & Spain both for industry accounts and individuals.

Derek Schemonitz

US Sales Rep of Dream Italy, LLC


Owner of Mr. Travel Agent, LLC


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