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Cabo, The Luxury Playground announces Reopening Plan.

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I'm going to get to the bottom of this policy, because Dear Cabo, I'm confused.....(just a bit)

Official Cabo Tourism Reopening Plan, comes in 5 phases.

Los Cabos Tourism Board has announced a five-phase approach to reopen its tourism sector that incorporates strict health and safety protocols that will apply to all sectors of the industry.

Phase 1: Reopening will begin on June 1, 2020, with the resumption of travel activities with limited national and international arrivals. Properties and operators will focus on the implementation of health and safety guidelines. (So guest can come, right?)

Phase 2: Which begins in July, the destination will reopen the international terminal of the airport. Airlines including Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Southwest and Delta have already announced the returns in May and June to Los Cabos, connecting Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas and Charlotte with the destination. (So wait now the airport is open to guest can come?)...

Phase 3: Begins in August and runs through September. At this time Los Cabos will be welcoming back some visitors. (Huh? What about guest coming in June & July!!!? Your confusing me Cabo!)

Phase 4: Runs from October to December. During this phase, the region will welcome back luxury travelers as well as groups and travelers from Canada and the U.K. Los Cabos predicts that, during this phase, it will see the recovery of 60 percent of bookings projected by the end of the year.

(I get this, so it sounds like only Mexican & US Citizens will be able to visit Cabo until October.....I think I understand that correctly?) 

Phase 5: Will begin at the beginning of Q1 2021 at which time Los Cabos hopes to see 60 percent of its air connectivity return and 80 percent of bookings. (My take on this is more arrivals and more hotels open for reservations..)

New health and safety standards will be adhered to in the destination, including a “Clean Point” quality certification offered by the Mexican government to travel suppliers who meet a high standard of hygiene. These certifications can be obtained by airports, transportation services, restaurants and other service providers to promote the incorporation of good hygiene practices.

Throughout the destination, strict hygiene standards will be put in place as well as sanitization and physical distancing requirements at airports, transportation services, restaurants and other service providers to promote the incorporation of good hygiene practices.

At the airport, travelers can expect thermal imaging to monitor temperatures, risk-factor questionnaires, the isolation of infected passengers and the availability of masks for passengers that appear to be ill.

Sixty-five Los Cabos hotels will begin reopening on June, 1, representing 62 percent of the total inventory within the destination.

Los Cabos expects that, by the end of the year, 100 percent of its hotel inventory will be back online. Expectations are for a strong rebound for the destination in the first quarter of 2021.

Leisure tourism will begin to come back starting with timeshare owners, recurrent visitors, luxury travelers, meetings and small groups followed by national tourists and then international guests.

Tomorrow I'll have a big update on Europe! (time allowing)


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