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Bellissima Italia

· Travel Feedback,Italy

New clients who had an incredible luxury hotel curated itinerary in Italy returned with wonderful report! Part of this can be found on my Google Business Reviews, but a lengther version was shared directly with me.

"Derek, It was beyond wonderful! We are ready to figure out what’s next for us in
2024. The hotels you selected were truly amazing; the staff were so helpful with giving
advice on things to do, where to eat, etc. Our favorite place was Venice! If you will remember, we initially had two nights there, then added a third on. We are so glad that we did that.

Driving to our hotel in Tuscany was good. There were so many tunnels that we were not
expecting! Very expensive infrastructure there in Italy. At first,
arriving at the hotel, we thought, “Oh no, what are we going to do here for 4
nights?” I imagined it to be completely different from reading the
description. But we really enjoyed it there. Our room was the
only one that had a large patio or raised porch! The car came in handy
three times there. We visited Arezzo one day, tried to go to Cortona but after
driving around for an hour or so couldn’t park anywhere we gave up and went
back. Another day we visited Loro Ciuffenna at the suggestion of
front desk staff. That was a cool little town. The last night we ventured
out to a restaurant down the road which was wonderful.

While at Santa Margarita, we trained it to Monterosso and hiked to the next town,
Vernazza, I’m glad that I did it, it’s off of my bucket list.

Did the ferry back to Monterosso and trained it back to Santa
Margarita. Your hotel choice here was a beautiful hotel as well.
We found the little area where it all happens and loved that. It happened to be
the weekend and the motorcycle traffic was horrendous. Come Monday it all
changed. Back to the train station we went and took the nice long ride to
Como. So many tunnels again. We weren’t expecting that! On the drive
up to Bellagio, the twisting and turning road was crazy and thrilling.

In Bellagio, our room was the top floor facing the lake with a porch! We
weren’t expecting that at all, it was a great surprise. Very pretty village there
as well. We ferried over to Varenna and did another hike straight up the mountain to the castle.


Our last day there is where we got the news that the flights were cancelled.

WTF. You fixed that for us so quickly, thank you. I cannot imagine having to navigate that on my own!

Overall,we loved, loved, loved our entire visit, the itinerary, the hotels, and the
cities. The food was yummy everywhere, the wine was plentiful. There is so much
more for us to see in that beautiful country.

Again,we thank you so much for your knowledge and experience in getting us to Italy.
I’ve already recommended you to friends, who I believe is in Italy now
with your help"... (yes they are!).

Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. - 5*****'s