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Why use a Luxury Travel Advisor - 11 Reasons

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Travelers, many who have never worked with a Travel Advisor like me before, are now turning to us Travel Advisors in anticipation of resuming vacation plans.


Here are 11 reasons that it makes sense to rely on me as your Luxury Travel Advisor.

1. Saving You Time:

We all know your time is money, so why waste it researching airlines, cruise ships, hotels, and other travel suppliers when you can lean on my expertise & experience? While you should research which places you want to go (research shows that even the act of planning travel creates happiness) there's no need to spend your valuable time over the tedious and less interesting details such as hotel reviews and flight options.

2. Avoid Unneeded Stress:

Things that require a significant amount of your time and money inevitably tends to create headaches and stress. If recent times have taught us anything it's that self-care is of prime importance. Working with me, I can do the complex parts for you, an easy way to reduce the amount of stress in your life while still being able to get excited about future travel.

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3. Rely on an Expert:

I'm constantly educating myself on the industry and what's coming next. While COVID-19-related travel restrictions are constantly changing, it's my job to be up to date and in the know. For many, the thought of planning travel in the time of coronavirus makes them feel lost or overwhelmed but that's where I can step in and provide expert advice, recommendations and even alternate options when need be.  Would you invest your life savings without an expert? or build a home? Your vacation is just as important for your well-being and you should rely on an expert when it comes to planning and booking.

4. Travel options are more Complex than they used to be:

With the current environment including retiring cruise ships, Covid testing requirements, Vaccine travel passports, Staycations, Pod vacations, never mind the new resorts, and new airline fare categories, keeping up with the options is a full-time job. Having a professional help with the planning and logistics can have a big impact on how much you spend and how much you enjoy your vacation.

5. The Personal Experience:

Often the best travel deal isn't the one that best suits you. By working with me, you'll make sure that you get the best possible trip you actually want to take. Unlike a search engine, I will take your personal preferences into consideration before seeking out your ideal getaway.

6. You'll Support Small Business:


Like many other small and family-owned businesses, Avenue Two Travel has been massively impacted by the pandemic and we need the support from those same people who we've helped over the years. Supporting me is just another way you can support small businesses and do your part to help jumpstart our local economy.

7. Special Status:


I have special preferred status that Online Travel Sites and public travelers don't have. We are much more likely to enhance your trip with some unexpected and authentic moments. It might just be a surprise bottle of champagne upon arrival at your honeymoon resort or a last-minute suite upgrade. There's no guarantee but working with an advisor ensures that you have someone looking out for you behind the scenes.

8. Leverage My Passion:

The role of the Travel Advisor might be different than what it was decades ago but my relentless passion for exploration is among the many reasons I remain so vital today and have been able to overcome past crises including 9/11 and The Great Recession. I get you excited to see the world and keep you inspired to stay the course in those moments when you aren't so sure. In the time of COVID-19, I will never pressure you to travel but can help plan your dream trip for the time when you are more comfortable with heading out to explore again.

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9. My Network/My Connections:


When you work with me, you not only benefit from my expertise but from my many connections. No travel professional has been everywhere, and it would be impossible for me to know everyone and everything. But I've participated in FAM (familiarization) trips where I network with other industry connections and initiate lasting relationships with key players in the travel and tourism industry. My network is something I lean on when it comes to planning the best vacations for my clients. You are getting so much more when you work with me.

10. A Human Connection that Travels with you:

Unlike an online travel engine, I'm with you for the duration of your trip. If you run into any problems such as a last-minute flight cancellation you will have a real person to contact for assistance. Even when an unexpected obstacle is outside of your control, I will go to bat for you and keep in communication until the situation is resolved. You're never alone, you have me to lean on.

11. More Value for Your Vacation $$$$:


When working with me, the value you receive will be bigger than what you paid. Cruise lines, luxury hotels, and many resorts get the majority of their customers through us Advisors and they reward the us with perks (Preferred Status) to share with you. I consistently get access to the best rooms locations, potential upgrades, and special features that are just not available in online databases & the public.

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