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The latest travel news!

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Good morning fellow travelers & clients, here is the latest travel briefs!

Galapagos Islands & Ecuador, announce the country & islands are now open to all vaccinated travelers without quarantine. With the Galapagos being a huge bucket list destination, this will allow expedition cruises to the islands to restart right away, as the islands are seasonal year round.

Next we have news that Belize, is also now open to all vaccinated travelers without quarantine. A beautiful tropical snorkeling and divers oasis of cays, and mainland beaches to get away and enjoy some bliss in the sun. Lets toss in Madeira to the list of destinations open to the vaccinated.

Moving across the world to Asia, we have Thailand, who has revised reopening plans yet again.

Word just a few weeks ago was that Thailand was planning to reopen for the summer to vaccinated and tested travelers, well that has changed a bit. Just announced this week Thailand's Phuket region will open to all vaccinated travelers in July, and no quarantine will be required. However the rest of the country will no be accessible without quarantine until October. Meaning Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Samui will all be off limits even to the vaccinated until late this year. This is also based on Thailand's Phuket region meeting approx 70% residential vaccination, which is about half a million. So that's Phuket YES, The rest of Thailand NO for this summer.

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On the homefront Kauai has done away with it's very restrictive pandemic entry policy, and has agreed to follow along with the other Hawaiian Islands entry and testing policy. 

Lastly we have the cruise industry. Celebrity Cruises has immediately (today), following the announcement that Greece will open to the vaccinated and tested this summer, Celebrity is sending it's newest ship the APEX to Athens for summer sailings. Reservations opened up today for all sailings on the APEX from Greece this summer. Reach out if interested in getting on this stunning ship as it sails the beautiful Aegean. Celebrity also announced it will send a ship to Bermuda for summer sailings south to the Bahamas.

Lindblad Expeditions, following the announcement by Ecuador of now opening to all vaccinated travelers immediately reinstated summer sailings of the Galapagos starting in June. Lindblad also confirmed they will sail in Alaska this summer. I'm expecting Celebrity will soon make an announcement about the Galapagos, as they have in incredible new modern megayacht that sails those itineraries, in addition to 2 other ships.

Both Celebrity & Lindblad made it known only fully vaccinated travelers will be allowed on their ships until further notice, and that all crew will also be vaccinated.

That's a wrap!

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