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Traveling during COVID (tidbits - update, pt.2)

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First, yesterday I mentioned that Greece plans on opening to tourism very soon this summer.

Well additional details out of Greece came yesterday. Greece will require all international arrivals to land in Athens first before going anywhere else in the country. Upon arrival at Athens International Airport arrivals will be screened and quick tested for COVID-19. As long as you test negative you can then continue by ferry or domestic flight to the islands. Their will be no self quarantine required as long as you test negative. This is how Greece will promote tourism this summer. I like it, besides 9*% of all international flights to Greece end up coming into Athens anyways, very few cities (mainly in Europe) had direct service to any of the islands like Santorini & Mykonos. So this does not change things much. Your clear the quick test, you can be on your way down to the islands soon there after. To be on the safer side, I would recommend booking a few nights in Athens first, just in case you have to unexpectedly cancel accommodations on the islands. This also sounds like I'll be needing to book my clients under flexible rate policies that will allow for last minute cancellations/changes days before arrival. You test positive in Athens well then your going to be confined to your hotel in Athens and there goes your island hopper vacation. I feel this is a very proactive policy and that other EU countries should follow something similar. Why not?

Iceland news! Iceland released notice today that as of June 15th, they will reinstate 100% all international travel arrivals without restrictions or quarantine requirements. Iceland will follow the same steps as Greece, requiring a quick test for COVID-19 on arrival, and then your clear to visit the stunning island nation as you normally would! This is great!! Who wants to go to Iceland!?

Airline News Update!

Lufthansa to reinstate 80 additional flights effective in June, this also includes Eurowings and SWISS.

This will double Lufthansa Groups active flights to 160 in June, with 106 worldwide destinations being serviced.

Korean Airlines announced the ramping up additional flights from US & Canadian cities to Seoul. Korean Airlines will service 32 destinations out of it's usual 110 routes in June. For the US & Canada this means adding flights back into DC, Seattle, Toronto & Vancouver, in addition to more flights weekly from San Francisco Atlanta & Chicago, as well as daily service from Los Angeles & NYC.

More updates coming as I get them!

To all my clients, readers and guests, stay safe, take care and thank you.

Derek Schemonitz

Avenue Two Travel

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