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The World Begins to Open + US Dept of State Pullback Levels.

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It's been another interesting month, well nearly so, since my last update.  In that time so much has happened to show a rebound of international travel has begun in the US.  I personally have seen client revenue in 2021, recoup about 25-30% of my 2019 pre pandemic levels, but that counts all 2021 future travel client's who are booked for entire year so far.  In addition 2022 sales are at 5% revenue levels of 2019 pre pandemic.  If the travel industry was a stock chart, (well it is kinda...)  It looks like we absoutely hit bottom support levels and are bouncing back up.  Just a brief glipse into where things stand in sales volume wise.

I've just had a client family return from Greece, and had a fantastic island hopping vacation without any travel issues.  In addition I've had clients recently in several destinations in Mexico, Punta Cana, Hawaii & Costa Rica.  I have client Italy & Greece trips on the books for this fall and luxury Caribbean cruises. Alaska will see small ship cruise clients this summer.  Honeymooners to Asia possibily this fall, if not Europe or C. America & Europe will see river cruise clients this fall.  A Viking River Cruise in France I just booked for Fall 2022, already only had 5 veranda cabins left!  Hotels & Cruises for popular destinations in 2022 are already starting to sell out or have limited options.

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Now onto the travel briefs.

Phuket - Will open to US vaccinated travelers on July 1st

Bali is expected to open to US vaccinated travelers in July.

Portugal just announced yesterday it will be open to US vaccinated travelers with the next 1 to 2 weeks, so by end of June, Portugual will be open.

Spain officially opened to US vaccinated travelers as of Monday

France officially opened to US vaccinated travelers as of  TODAY! yay!

Denmark announced this week, that they will welcome US vaccinated travelers as of this upcoming weekend.

Italy is open to US vaccinated or neg tested travelers now, same goes for Greece & Croatia.

Iceland is open to US vaccinated travelers.

Ireland will be open to US vaccinated travelers as of July 16-17th.

The US Jones Act has been revoked temporaily by the Biden Admin, which will allow for the 2021 Alaska cruise season to begin this summer, bypassing the need to start or stop in Vancouver.  In response all the major cruise lines announced summer 2021 Alaska sailings from Seattle northbound or from Alaska southbound to Seattle.

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The Biden Admin meet with travel authorities yesterday and announced the creation of federal groups to discuss how to reopen international travel to the US and the world, and that recommendations from these groups would result in plans to reopen incoming travel soon.  This also is inline with the EU which announced  two weeks ago the creation of a e-certification that will be valid to US travelers to travel to and within the entire EU.  This is expected to be in full operation by July 1st, allowing US travelers to visit any EU country this summer.  There is also talk of a US/UK travel vaccinated corridor being planned soon.

In addition to these plans & discussion or in relation to them and the next steps the US Dept of State pulled back travel advisory levels on over 100 countries yesterday, making many countries who were level 4 in April, down to level 3 or level 2.  I knew this would happen, and it only took two months!

The Bounce is in, International travel is returning and the pent up demand for 2022 is going to be massive.  I'm here for it, and for my clientele, to organzie all your travel plans.

I am very much Ready!  Where can I send you??

Derek Schemonitz / Mr.TravelAgent.Net

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