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Hi everyone, and welcome back.

Over the last few months I started thinking about some side revenue gigs & outlets with my knowledge of the travel industry deeply embedded into my everyday mindset.  However I just wasn't sure how to persue these ideas.  Just by chance in December an oppertunity came my way to do some travel copywriting (one of the ideas I had!).  I've been working closely with a contact of mine in Italy for over 12 years now.    This contact has become a good friend of mine, and owns a full service Italy incoming luxury on site company.  Handles most of my clientele in country when it comes to private drivers, guides, transfers and exclusive and unique service arrangements.  With my clientele at nearly a 100% satisfaction rating over a decade or more.

In December they came to me with a request.  "Would you be interested in checking over my private tour discriptions, editing them?"  Of course at first I did not know what this would entail but thought I would simply change some minor wording. As passionate as I am about this profession, upon receiving the tours (over 75 of them), I really wanted to rewrite them, and make them more discriptive and enticing to you the reader, the traveler.  So I went to my contact and told them what I wanted to do, & told them this would be more indepth, more time consuming and it would be considered copywriting.  I would want to be paid for such a service.  To my surprise they agreed, and I was paid quite well and fairly for the work, considering this was my first copywriting gig.  It ended up being a 1 month project, as I went through each private tour and rewrote them completing several each day.  

In late January I completed the project was paid in full (half up front), and sent all the work to my contact overseas for review.  I was so thrilled when they told me the work was excellent and really surprised by the detail and knowledge I was able to include into the private tour discriptions.  That they were creating new private tours and would want me to review the discriptions for them when complete!  I was so happy with this news, I couldn't believe a luxury onsite half way across the world was going to be using my writings as their tour discriptions!  I felt so accomplished and honored.  It gives me the confidence to persue this side path futher!

Knowing the work was good, I asked my contact for premission to co-op & use the private tours on my own website, and that I would create a part of the site that would be dedicated to these private Italy tours.  This request was approved.

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As of today, ....well as of a few days ago I created & published seven seperate pages, one for each Italy location that focuses on the most popular of these private tours.  You can find them below:

In addition readers and potential new clientele please know I can customize just about any kind of private services or arrangements in Italia, as well as just about any where else.  As I have similar connections world wide that locally take care of my clients with the utmost satisfaction & pleasure, no matter where you are you are in the best of hands.

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