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Private Customized Costa Brava & Barcelona

· Travel Feedback,Spain

Relatives, as well as being clients return from a fully private customized 4 nights in Costa Brava and visiting Barcelona. On return they wrote the following feedback!

Hi Derek,

Thank you again for all the arrangements that you made for my family and me in Spain.

We had many good memories made. :)

As promised, here's a bit of feedback on our private services.

Drivers - We had Jose Maria in Barcelona, Ton in Costa Brava, and the last driver to the airport I don't remember.

  • Jose Maria and Ton were good at communicating in English - prompt in replying, and we didn't have trouble communicating what the plans were (including texting). Both were very friendly and patient with dealing with late arrivals and grumpy kids.
  • Given that we spent more time on the road with Ton, we thought he was a very safe driver on the roads and highways, and took very good care of us. He also gave us suggestions on where to go and what to do when we didn't have any idea. He was very patient with our flexible schedule. He was helpful with the kids, sometimes helping carry my nephew out. My family really appreciated his services and safe driving.
  • The last driver to the airport went smoothly.
  • They were all professional. 

Guides -

  • All the guides we had in Barcelona, Figueres and Girona were all very good. They spoke very well, and were patient with the fussy kids and late arrivals. Very knowledgeable and we learned a lot.

So all in all, no complaints!

Thanks Derek.

F. Tan