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Mr. Travel Agent, LLC: Launches YouTube Channel

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Hello everyone,

Well after having a dead, empty, hollow shell of a YouTube Channel forever, I'm happy to announce the Launch of Mr. Travel Agent, LLC on YouTube. This has been a long time coming, and was not sure when or how I would begin my YouTube journey. I hope you all can help its success by subscribing and viewing it's videos and activity.

To begin the channel, we will have a high quality production travel destinations highlight series, called 'Destinations by', short for Destinations by Mr. Travel Agent, LLC. In this series you'll see country focused destination videos. These 1 minutes+ videos in the series are geared to truly capture your interest & show the you the viewer/potential client our knowledge and reach is absolutely global, and we can curate travel experiences just about anywhere you are looking to travel to.

No matter if you want an exclusive private maiko dinner experience in the Gion District of Kyoto as part of a curated Japan itinerary, or if you want private hand held incredible Safari through the Serengeti in Tanzania, or a private motor yacht charter sailing through the Greek Islands, consider it done. Fully curated itineraries and vacations.

As a full service luxury agency, our reach, services, connections, preferred hotels and partners span the globe, assuring you the utmost professionalism and expertise. Enjoy guides and drivers who will make you days and experiences not only enjoyable but unforgettable & make memories for a lifetime.

Our passion for travel at Mr. Travel Agent, LLC is reflected in everything we do, suggest & recommend. By launching on YouTube with Destinations by, it reflects how much we love the world of travel, we love cultures, history, people, gastromony, wine, wildlife, sealife, beautiful places big & small, & so much more. When becoming a client of ours, you are welcomed to an ever growning client family who loves traveling just as much as we do.

We want the best travel experinces for you, we care!

Below you can view the first 4 videos in the Destinations By series. These include Italy by, Greece by, Safaris by, and Japan by. New videos in the series are in production and will be added in just a few days or so. This series will continue until we are happy with its collection of global destinations. In addition look for new videos on the channel in coming weeks unrelated to the Destinations by series, videos with me the owner, discussing travel news and information.

Also we are becoming active on social media again, and look for us on Threads, Instagram, Facebook and more!

Italy by:

Greece by:

Safaris by:

Japan by:

Welcome to Mr. Travel Agent, LLC, we are going places, and so are you, so join us and experience the world of luxury travel, you deserve it!

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