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Married in Venezia!, Vacanza on Costa Smeralda & Barcelona

· Travel Feedback,Destination Wedding,Italy,Spain

Hi Derek

The arrangements as always were AMAZING. Bauer is located in great spot but last year’s hotel was way more beautiful inside. Breakfast on the patio was really awesome at Bauer.

Milan Hotel was very cool. If people stay there let them know that restaurants are scare in high fashion district. Eat before you enter lol!

Our rooftop restaurant was very cool though.

Hotel Cala Di Volpe is gorgeous! It really is for the extremely wealthy. We did take a boat ride to La Maddalena... fabulous! We LOVED LOVED IT but just so others know!!

Barcelona was FAB and our Almanac was GREAT!! Location awesome, service awesome (everyone was young and beautiful), breakfast were very good. Highly recommend.

The wedding experience was priceless!!! I cannot day enough about how magical that experience was!!! FABULOUSO!!!

Wedding 9-14-18

I can’t thank you enough for everything!!!

So so happy!

We will plan next year trip earlier.

We are going to go same time each year. If you hear of any great opportunities let us know!

Also what is best time to book?

THANK YOU!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!

Renee H. & Jeff N.

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