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Iceland Opens to the Vaccinated Immediately

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Got your vaccine? Ready to travel? Today Iceland follows Greece's announcement from last week informing the world that Iceland, effective tomorrow March 18th, is open & unrestricted to all travelers worldwide who have been vaccinated for arrival, and yes this includes US Citizens. While Greece will not open for another 2 months, Iceland made its reopening plan effective immediately.

That means there are still a few months of winter conditions and experiences possible to those able to travel to Iceland, with the potential to still see the northern lights in 2021. Iceland in winter is a completely unique and different experience than the green Iceland of summer. Both are incredible times to visit Iceland.

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With it's incredibly dramatic landscapes, glaciers, mountains and coastline, Iceland is a eco-travelers dream of wide open awe inspiring natural sites & wonders that can only be found in certain extreme environments furthest north & furthest south in the world. It's one of those bucket list destinations that should not be missed if you love nature.

While Iceland can be very pricey, most people do not understand it is due to limited occupancy & high demand especially in summer months. Reykjavik (Iceland's capital) is by no means a large city with tons of hotels. Hotel options fill up quick and it's not unheard of to pay $600-800 a night for a moderate property. While staying in Reykjavik is worth a few days, and some of the natural sites you want to see can be done as daytrips. It is better to depart the city and tour the islands wonders. The most popular tour route is the traditional Golden Circle. Which typically takes in Gullfoss, Fludir Secret Lagoon & Hvolsvollur Valley. This is short tour that can be done in about a week when combined with a visit to The Blue Lagoon and time in Reykjavik. However it is only a small part of what Iceland truly has to offer.

If you have more time (minimum 9-10 days) the entire rim of the island country can be done, going all the way over to it's eastern coast. There are different ways of seeing the island. The most common is an escorted tour or small group tour experience. Cruises also call on the island and go around it. The most exclusive way is a private tour or a self drive experience. Both of which I can organize for you and completely customize.

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What to do in Iceland? Some of the unique experience must do's when visiting the island include:

- Seljalandsfoss

- Skogafoss

- Golden Circle Tour or Drive

- The Blue Lagoon

- Reykjavik

- Dyrholaey

- Go To Vik

- Whale Watching

- Northern Lights Spotting

When you are ready to plan your Bucket list Eco-Adventure trip to Iceland reach out to me to organize the perfect unforgettable vacation of your life. No matter if that is a tour, cruise, self drive or private tour. I can make all those arrangements and more, including private sightseeing helicopter and plane tours. Iceland should not be missed and your experience will be unique dependent on the season you visit.

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