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D. Republic opens to all international arrivals.

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick update this week, and likely my only update. As the title says the Dominican Republic, home to the all Inclusive resort mecca of Punta Cana, one of the most frequent destinations for US Travelers in the Caribbean, is reopening it's borders to all guests and arrivals. The best news about this is they will not require any kind of pre departure COVID-19 test by travelers. They are open to all US States residents without restriction.

Upon arrival at and airport like Punta Cana there will be random arrival screening & testing performed to a certain number of guests per arrival flight. Vacationers will have to follow all COVID-19 requirements once in country and at destination resort.

An even more outstanding policy is that the island country has guaranteed to all guests that at least through year end 2020 a nationwide health protection policy at NO COST to any guest will be included for COVID-19 treatment if required. Now you cannot fly down to D. Republic if you are sick. But what this means is if you were to become sick in D. Republic while on vacation and a medical test showed COVID-19, all medical treatment cost would be covered.

This policy goes into effect on October 1st, 2020. While the island is already open to arrivals currently arriving requires a negative COVID-19 test pre departure. On Oct 1st this test will no longer be required to visit. The tourism board expects all hotels will be open by November, and that approx 50-60% are already open with more opening weekly in preparation for the new policy to boost vacation tourism by the Oct 1st date.

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Please contact me if you want to discuss a vacation to Punta Cana or elsewhere in the D. Republic (or anywhere). I have preferred affiliated status with many luxury and moderate/semi luxury resorts on the island and throughout the Caribbean, both all inclusive and non inclusive that would make for some incredible beach vacation escapes this fall or into 2021.

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Derek Schemonitz

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