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Cruisetour in Alaska w/Celebrity Cruises

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Hi Derek,

I enjoyed the vacation very much. Alaska is truly the last frontier in America with much beautiful wilderness. A truly unique and memorable experience.

The best part was the overland 4 day trip extension. We really enjoyed the
scenic train ride and the Gold Dredge. Today, Mary Lou put on the necklace she bought to hold our big score on gold flakes from the gold panning demo. That was probably the most memorable part of all.

All the ports of call were enjoyable. I can understand how a ship is the most practical way to reach them. Celebrity Cruise line could have done a better job of communicating. The left hand and right hand have no idea what the other is doing. I understand that they staff with many contractors who are focused on only their own part. This poor communication led to much uncertainty and stress on our part. Mary Lou had suggested that a seminar for first time floaters might have helped. The room service was friendly and personal, but again they focused only on their piece. We felt no personal connection to the management. We felt a bit like cattle.

I am very glad we did the trip.

Some folks had been on this same cruise many times. They certainly love
it. I don't believe we will be eager to try Celebrity Cruise Line again.

The first night in Vancouver was very pleasant. Thank you for arranging the Pan Pacific hotel.

Thank you for arranging a nice vacation.

Greg S.