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Croatia defies EU Travel Ban on US Citizens

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Hello all,

Early this month the EU states all agreed to the Travel Ban being enforced against US Citizens & being able to travel anywhere within the EU. As mentioned in previous post, it was every country's right to make their own decision on this EU proposal. Most fell in line, even Greece which was adamant they were going to allow US Citizens, changed their mind and went with the ban. Since the ban went into place two weeks ago I pretty much had the mindset every country fell in line with the EU, why go against it, so I assumed the same.

Well I was wrong. I have since discovered Croatia is fully permitting tourism from the US.

A negative nasal swab test is required up to 48hrs prior to arrival. They are also requiring that you fill out an entry form with any medical conditions and your current health state, and you must provide the address of all residences or hotels you are going to stay at in the country.

I've heard from industry contacts that have been to the country in the last few weeks & days of this policy and it is very simplistic, form is handled at the airport, and takes only minutes. Of course if you arrive and you look like your death hung over, well they likely will require you to immediately go to hospital and get tested. Country authorities simply ask if you are sick before departure you do not come over sick, as they can deny you entry or force a quarantine at your cost if required.

The country is very open for tourism at this time. You also need to provide proof of paid accommodations, so hotel confirmation vouchers or documents are required. Mask are recommended but not required. Once you've entered into the country through airport security you are feel to travel anywhere within the country. They ask you abide by local health customs and policies throughout your trip.

I'm very surprised Croatia went against the EU ban.

If you absolutely want to travel to somewhere in Europe, instead of Caribbean/Mexico and you are a US Citizen. Croatia is currently your only option, and I'd be happy to assist in your trip there if desired.  Croatia is a stunning coastal country with amazing beaches, islands, cities, history and sights.  I highly recommend Croatia to all my clientele.

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Derek Schemonitz

Avenue Two Travel

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