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Christmas in Greece!

· Travel Feedback,Greece

Dear Derek,

We loved Strofi! The others were wonderful experiences too. GB and Athens Marriott had wonderful hair stylists. I broke my wrist 2 days before we left so needed help. Rooms at all hotels were very nice. Our Delphi hotel was upgraded to fab suite bc of barking dogs. Olga helped with that situation too. We had a nice dinner in their bar with funny bar man and then huge breakfast buffet. Olympia hotel food was very good with lovely servers. They had evil eye soaps for sale to ward off misfortune in 2020.

I bought 6!

We absolutely loved Greece and its food and its people. Better than Italy!

And shopping-I bought a fantastic light pink fox fur vest for only $300 E in Arachova.

Very cool ski town.

At some point, we’d like to do islands and see Corfu too, maybe Thessaloniki.

Again, Olga made me understand so much more about ancient history, worship, music and art than any of 3 prior visits to Italy.

Never again BA-only bummer!

We should have booked many more days with Olga and Johnny. They were incredible. We hope they can visit us in the US.

We toured the Stavros today and what a difference with a big group of 22 people.

We realized again how private tours with brilliant guides make all the difference.

Thanks for choosing this company for us!

Happy New Year!

Thanks again!

Kay B.

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