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CDC will drop COVID testing for US Entry!

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It's been in place since January 2021, but finally it is coming to an end.

Readers, clients, I bring you breaking and exciting news that every traveler and industry professional has been waiting for. Effective Sunday at midnight [12:01am June 13th, 2022] The testing requirement will be lifted for all inbound US departures for every country in the world.

The Biden administration will announce today (Friday) that the US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (The CDC) will lift its requirement for travelers to test negative for COVID-19 before entering the US, according to a senior administration official.

The move has been lobbied and requested many times by industry and government officials for many months now, based on the science and data, it has now been determined by the CDC that it was no longer necessary.

The decision will be reassesed in 90days by the CDC, if required, and at that time the CDC will decide if they need to reinstate it based on any variants of concern. That puts a stop to this testing through at least mid September, but hopefully it will not be needed or reinstated.

Great news for those set to travel in the coming weeks & months over the summer internationally. This will allow for all my exisiting clients vacations and new potential clients thinking of traveling to be less worried about not being able to come back to ths US, for fear of possibily testing positive pre departure. Nothing is stopping a huge windfall of travelers waiting for this to happen, for now proceeding with travel plans outside fo the US.

Upon hearing this is 100% official today, I will immediately notify my clients currently overseas, and soon to be departing clients will receive the good news!

I've been waiting for this news for many many months!

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