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Bella Toscana & Capri Bliss

· Travel Feedback,Italy

One of my most VIP clients of my entire career, referred a new client couple to me this summer. They went to Italy with ultra luxurious stays in Tuscany & on the Isle of Capri. Thoughout their stay in Tuscany and on Capri they enjoyed top class Brunello vineyard tastings, and a day with a private motoryacht charter around Capri. Along with the use of my private guide and driver services throughout. Once they returned on they left the below feedback between reviews on both my Google and my Virtuoso.

"Best experience ever! Derek is so knowledgeable and made it so much fun planning our trip ! Derek made everything so easy and every recommendation he made was fabulous! We truly has a dream vacation ! Highly recommended Derek !

The luxury hotel in Tuscany was a dream hotel !! Highly recommended the Terrace suite ! From the minute we arrived everything was first class ! The suite was amazing the pool and the grounds are absolutely gorgeous and there is a golf course on the property that has breathtaking views ! All the staff in particulate Martina and Gennaro were the best !! We will be going back for sure !!

The incredible hotel on Capri had the best location on Capri ! We stayed in the the Bellevue Suite! It was unbelievable had its own plunge pool and exercise area! The suite was decorated with unique art and furniture ! The views were amazing !! The location was perfect ! Located so close to all the shops and restaurants. The manager and all the staff gave us superior service !! Highly recommend this hotel !! Can’t wait to return !!

From the minute I called Derek to the minute we landed back home our trip was amazing ! Every aspect of our trip was taken care of with such great people in Italy ! Derek and his connections in Italy are the best ! Giorgio was our main contact in Italy and he was such a great guy ! Everyone went above and beyond to take care of us ! We had first class treatment everywhere we went ! We never had to wait for anyone and it was so easy to follow on our App! This was truly a dream trip ! Thanks to Derek! He left no stone unturned !! Can’t wait to book our next trip with him !!"


- by Michele A.

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