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A Spring in Italy

· Travel Feedback,Italy

A new client family enjoys an incredible customized vacation to Italia in the past Spring. While that was several months ago, this week the client surprised me with some wonderful feedback that was shared with me on Google.


This is a long overdue review for the assistance Derek Schemonitz provided our family for a multi-generational trip
to Italy last spring. I came to Derek after having booked hotel and flights
independently. I quickly realized that I didn’t have the bandwidth to
coordinate the rest of the details for six individuals across multiple Italian
cities. As soon as I connected with Derek, he jumped right into the planning
and picked up where I left off. He helped us narrow down the best sights to see
given our limited time. He handled all our inter-Italy travel and transfers and
coordinated private tours in every city from smaller locales like Siena to
large cities like Rome. Every single guide was fabulous – personable,
knowledgeable and solicitous. Derek also helped select restaurants given a very
serious food allergy for two of the people on our trip, made all the
reservations (every meal we had was terrific) and even coordinated an evening
with an Italian chef where we prepared our own meal, which we enjoyed with
fabulous Italian wines. Derek was knowledgeable, responsive and attentive and
truly saved the day for us. I wouldn’t dream of planning another trip like this
without his assistance! We recommend him wholeheartedly!"

- The Johnstons - 5 *****'s

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