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A Return to Italy

· Travel Feedback,Italy

Long standing repeat client family returned back to Italia! The family included Milan, Lake Como and Florence on this itineraryover a week, with beautiful 4 & 5 star preferred partner hotel (in Florence), and private services & tours in each destination. They left the following feedback for me:

" Hi Derek….The trip was wonderful…as youalways plan a great vacation for us!

In a nutshell… hotel at Lake Como great!

Your Drivers, tour guides were wonderful!!

Hotel in Florence was WONDERFUL (a littlenoisy at night since we were on the square, but didn’t mind) and very
convenient to walk to shops, etc. The bellman wanted to unpack and hang our
clothes, haha, very bouchée. Breakfast was great both places. Trains were good….wish my husband had less luggage!

~ Gail F. *****'s

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