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A&K: Intrepid Journeys to Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Beyond

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  Explore Exotic Destinations on Expert-Led, Limited-Edition Journeys in 2020
Venture off the beaten track with an intimate group of international guests on one of five Limited Edition Small Group Journeys operated by A&K’s Australia office. Discover the aromatic spices and spiritual aura of southern India; majestic wilderness tracts in Zimbabwe; the remote island nation of Madagascar, famous for its fascinating endemic fauna and indigenous flora; Georgia and Armenia’s Eastern European cultural heritage; and Sri Lanka’s diverse terrain, from tea plantations to arid plains to misty mountains.
  Included with Every Limited Edition Small Group Journey
      •English-Speaking Resident Tour Director® and Local Guides
  •Hand-Selected Accommodations
  •Airport Meet and Greet with Private Transfers
  •24/7 A&K On-Call Support
  •Full Breakfast Daily; Select Lunches and Dinners
  •Entrance Fees, Taxes and All Gratuities
  •Guaranteed Departures with Just Two Guests
Sri Lanka: Secrets of the Spice Island 2020
 Limited to 18 guests | 14 days from $7,595 | Mar 18; Sep 23; Nov 4
Sri Lanka is a world apart, a deeply spiritual place where Buddhist values and a rich cultural heritage are interwoven with enduring colonial influences. On this extraordinary journey, we peel back the layers of this beguiling island nation and uncover its many treasures: a serene and gentle people, fragrant and flavorsome cuisine, fascinating ruins and diverse terrain — from golden beaches and arid plains to lush tea plantations and mist-covered mountains — everything suffused with a warm tropical glow, something you will bring with you upon your return from this exquisite destination.
  Georgia & Armenia: Journey to the Caucasus 2020
   Limited to 18 guests | 13 days from $6,995 | May 1, 31; Jun 12; Sep 4; Oct 4  
This fascinating journey to the heart of the Caucasus offers a surprising taste of Old World Eastern European charm. Bridging East and West, these former Soviet republics boast thousands of years of history, jaw-dropping scenery and a rich cultural heritage. Armenia was one of the first countries to adopt Christianity, and there are magnificent churches in abundance in the most unexpected locations. Neighboring Georgia lays claim to the world’s oldest wine industry and, on this journey, rare skin-fermented wines stored underground in clay jars are uncorked and savored. The food throughout the region is delicious and hearty and, in many places, there’s a delightfully unspoiled medieval vibe.
  India: The Beautiful South 2020
   Limited to 18 guests | 15 days from $5,995 | Jan 29; Mar 4; Sep 9; Oct 21; Nov 25
Immerse yourself in India’s more spiritual side on this journey through the relaxed southern states of the subcontinent. Prized for millennia for its aromatic spices and natural beauty, the south remains a feast for the senses, with fragrant cuisines, friendly people and fascinating cultures. Bask in the color and movement of bustling, sophisticated cities, sleepy fishing villages, tropical coastlines and lush hinterlands. You’ll be astonished by the Pallava sculptures and towering Chola Temples of Tamil Nadu, enchanted by the colonial charms of Puducherry and lulled by the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, in an India still largely undisturbed by tourism.

 A Naturalist’s Guide to Madagascar with Charlie Gardner 2020Limited to 10 guests | 12 days from $11,795 | Jun 7, 18; Nov 8
Curious and otherworldly, Madagascar is full of surprises and extraordinary creatures. It has people, wildlife and landscapes found nowhere else on Earth, and a culture far removed from any of its neighbors. On this fascinating journey, you’ll explore the island nation and its flora and fauna with a wildlife expert who knows the destination and its inhabitants like the back of his hand. Still largely untouched by tourism, Madagascar is astonishing. You’ll be amazed by its rainforests, clear blue seas, white beaches and spiny forest habitat. Your Guest Host grew up in Africa and around the Indian Ocean and caught the wildlife bug at an early age. He has been fascinated by the natural world ever since and makes an engaging companion on this incredible journey of discovery.
 Surprising Zimbabwe 2020
 Limited to 12 guests | 14 days from $12,995 | May 29; Aug 16
Raw and untamed, Zimbabwe’s vast tracts of wilderness shelter an endless array of the continent’s extraordinary wildlife, including healthy populations of rhino and elephant. On this two-week safari, you’ll delve into some of the country’s lesser-visited areas such as Gonarezhou National Park and UNESCO-listed Matobo Hills, where Cecil Rhodes’s grave is famously located. Intimate safari camps and lodges carefully positioned amid unspoiled landscapes provide a welcome nightly refuge with plenty of time in each for contemplation of nature and Africa’s incomparable sunsets.

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