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A German Christmas Vacation

(clients visited: Hamburg, Munich, Oberammergau & Bravaria)

· Travel Feedback,Germany

Hello Derek,

Everything was amazing on our Germany adventure. The only glitch was that We gave ourselves 2 1/2 hours at the Munich airport and almost missed our flight. We went through 5 different checkpoints and random checks.

The hotels were very nice and positioned very conveniently. The staff at each were very pleasant and accommodating. We decided that, for as much time as we spend in the hotels, we should consider a good hotel for the next trip but less expensive. We really had breakfast and were gone the entire day and were only in our rooms to sleep. Something to ponder for the next trip.

The Christmas Eve meal at the Charles was so -so considering the cost. However, I do realize that it was Christmas Eve and I am sure that they were short staffed but the food was fair and the service was fair. Definitely not worth the cost. I expressed this to the Charles and mentioned that I understand that it was the holiday but I was not impressed. The Christmas Day meal was 1/3 the cost and a much better meal at a different hotel (I forget the name- a short bus ride away). Your guides were excellent. Peter in Munich was very pleasant and gracious. He presented a lot of detail that others that I have spoken with since the trip had never heard before. Great choice.

The Christmas markets were very quaint. The only thing missing was the snow. The train ride from Hamburg to Munich was excellent and the country side was beautiful. A 6 hr train ride viewing the beautiful scenery was far better than sitting in the airport and flight that would have been 5 hours.

Thank you for arranging things and making my life worry free. It was great meeting my daughter's friends and sharing the holiday with her. It wouldn’t have felt right to not have her with us for Christmas.

Happy CNY ( I am assuming that means Chinese New Year)

Frank C.