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A Central European Circle Itinerary

· Travel Feedback,Germany,Austria

It's more like a square if you look at the destinations on a map of Europe, but you know what I mean.

New Clients returned a bit ago from a customized itinerary, that saw them call on destinations in Germany, Austria & Czech Republic. In a span of 3 weeks this client family of 3 adults did a really incredible European Adventure by Rail. It begun with them flying into Frankfurt, starting in Heidelberg, then up to Bonn to connect with their son who was in university there. From Bonn they went to Freiberg in the Black Forest, then over to Munich, crossing after over into Austria where they visited both Salzburg & Vienna. Leaving Austria they went to up to Prague, before closing out their itinerary up in Berlin. With them doing return flights out of Frankfurt, I then had them track back to Frankfurt Airport the morning of departure by highspeed rail. Below is their review/feedback on their experiences and hotels.

"Hi Derek,

Life got in the way upon our return home from our European vacation so this email is long overdue.
Overall we had an awesome trip, and we wanted to express our deep appreciation for your
extra efforts to include our additional unexpected guest to join us for various
tours. An unforeseen timely opportunity presented itself for her to join us
and our son was delighted she was able to come along for part of our

We found that younger tour guides (30-40 years old) seemed to be more
enthusiastic about their tours and more catering to our wants and needs in
the city.



  • We loved everything about the hotel when we finally arrived! Would very highly recommend. In fact, this hotel was one of our top two


  • As you are aware, the scheduled time confusion with the guide
    company regarding our walking tour of Freiburg (3:30 vs 4:00). Ultimately,
    it was best that the tour was re-scheduled for the next day when we were
    refreshed especially since the delay in arriving in Freiburg by rail.
  • Although the hotel was very comfortable, it was very far out of the city (minimum
    20 minute drive) which made it somewhat inconvenient for touring.


  • The hotel was very nice. (Preferred partner hotel)
  • The tour guide/driver (Bavaria) was friendly and knowledgeable about the
    area, He did go out of his way to ensure we experienced the
    full tour despite a traffic jam which delayed us over an hour.


  • The Sound of Music tour, bus tour guide had a great personality and made the tour tons of fun.
  • The hotel was very lovely and the other one of our top two hotels! Would very highly recommend. (Preferred partner hotel)


  • As you are aware, despite waiting on the platform at the train station, the
    driver did not wait. Note: our train was 17 minutes late.
  • Hotel was very lovely and would recommend. (Preferred partner hotel)


  • Upon arriving at the hotel, the front desk folks weren't going to honor our $100 hotel credit. Ultimately, the hotel did honor this perk.
  • Very nice hotel and would recommend. (Preferred partner hotel)
  • Our "Best of Prague" tour guide, was awesome and definitely one of our best tour guides -- energetic, very
    knowledgeable and excellent.


  • The hotel was very nice and would recommend.
  • Oour full-day tour guide for Berlin was also excellent. He was extremely accommodating, taking Richard to a few WWII sites not on the agenda while my son and I had a quiet afternoon.

Derek, thank you for taking the time to read this summary and for all your work -- we are
grateful. Although it may seem we encountered a number of difficulties,
as I previously mentioned, they were hiccups in the road of three weeks of
once-in-a- lifetime opportunities!"

- Mrs. Donna C. - 8/1/22