August 2023

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  • Mr. Travel Agent: Elite Level

    Welcome to the VIP Club's Exclusive Elite Level of Mr. Travel Agent, LLC!


    Where your absolute loyalty is appreciated & rewarded at the highest level!



    Become ELITE


    Get back to traveling the world.


    The Elite Level is the ult upper tier of my VIP Club. The Elite Level is a paid annual membership tier, that is open to all current and new clientele.

    Its benefits exceed those of the VIP Club by miles, and also eliminates minimum requirements of those levels of the club. Being a member of the Elite Level of Club offers you special amenities and eliminates all customization & curation planning charges completely (except for air), and it no longer matters your class level of travel or frequency of travel.


    The Elite Level of the Club benefits savvy frequent luxury travel clientele, giving you the best benefits, perks, and making the Elite Level ultra-appealing & easy to understand.



    ELITE Cost for 12 Months of Membership Benefits:

    • $1,000.00: PER COUPLE or [Mr./Mrs. + all Children at Home]
    • $600.00: PER SINGLE ADULT Traveler [21+]
    • $400.00: PER ADULT TRAVELER [21+] in combo with Parents or other Adult ELITE Account [all ELITE Miles are combined]
    • ELITE Level VIP Club Membership
    • UNLIMITED Planning and Assistance for Curation of Customized Land Itineraries.
    • UNLIMITED Hotel & Resort Research & Reservations
    • UNLIMITED Cruise Planning & Research
    • UNLIMITED River Cruise Planning & Research
    • UNLIMITED Escorted Tour Planning & Research
    • UNLIMITED Rail Research & Ticketing [International Only]
    • UNLIMITED Ferry Research Ticketing [International Only]
    • UNLIMITED Event Research Ticketing in conjunction with Land Itinerary
    • (Unlimited is defined as the waiver of all planning & handling charges on said elements of travel)


    • REDUCED International Air Benefit as ELITE = $75.00 p/person ticketing & research charge, with no Miles usage.
    • REDUCED Domestic Air Benefit as ELITE = $50.00 p/person ticketing & research charge, with no Miles usage.
    • [Using ELITE Miles towards Air Research & Ticketing charges is permitted but at the full normal ticketing charges fare of $100 for International & $75 Domestic per person,
    • [Can use up to 8,000 ELITE Miles per/person / per ticket.]: International Ticketing
    • [Can use up to 4,000 ELITE Miles per person / per ticket]: Domestic or Intra Europe/Intra Country Ticketing


    • ELITE Loyalty Miles Earning at higher rate than the VIP Club (See details below)
    • ELITE Referrer & Referral Bonus Miles (See details below)
    • ELITE Annual Bonus Miles Being Part of the VIP Club Lounge (See below)
    • WELCOME TO ELITE: 10,000 ELITE Miles on Enrollment!
    • ELITE RENEWAL THANK YOU: 10,000 ELITE Miles on Membership Auto Renewal!
    • Tag my IG for Bonus Miles!!
    • = Instagram TAG @mr.travelagent : 5,000 ELITE Miles
    • Tag my Facebook Pro Page for Bonus Miles!!
    • = Facebook TAG @Mr.TravelAgent by Derek Schemonitz : 5,000 ELITE Miles
    • (Tagging Reward will only be accepted by verified ELITE Clients tagging, and only rewarded once per vacation destination/city stay, no matter how many times you tag my accounts per trip from the destination or city. Max reward per destination/city stay at 10,000 ELITE Miles for tagging on both Instagram & Facebook on same trip, tag must be a positive post, nothing negative will count.)
    • SHARE your amazing vacation photos/experience on The VIP Club Private Facebook Group: 5,000 ELITE Miles
    • (VIP Club Photo Sharing Rewarded only once per trip)
    • Elite Client Referrals: VIP Club Membership granted on that referrals first trip revenue, or they can pay for Elite Level immediately upon becoming a client. Which earns you bonus Miles once revenue points are assigned after completion of your referrals first trip. + Earns the referral an instant discount on planning fees or equal discount on Elite Level Membership.
    • If/When another couple or family is traveling with an ELITE Club Member then those travelers will be subject to typical planning charges for non-Elite, or they can pay to enroll in Elite Level with a one-time discount.
    • ELITE Club Members receive Virtuoso & Preferred Partner Hotel Program benefits, so long as Mr. Travel Agent , LLC retains affiliation with Avenue Two Travel who belongs to these programs.


    • Virtuoso & or Luxury Preferred Partner Hotel Program Benefits typically include (but can vary)
    • Breakfast Daily for 2 Guests Per Room
    • Potential Upgrade on Arrival - based on availability at check in [certain lux brand relationships give instant upgrade]
    • $100 or more Hotel/Resort on site usage credit - usually assigned as Food & Beverage (but can vary, sometimes assigned as an actual meal or even spa service by hotel.
    • Early Check In/Late Check Out - [based on availability, and on request]
    • Acknowledgment from Hotel of your VIP Status & Stay through Mr. Travel Agent, LLC.
    • & more


    • EXCLUSIVE in App Access Link to my Luxury Hotels & Resorts Booking Platform
    • Exclusive Invite Only Access to any Mr. Travel Agent, planned client events.
    • Benefit from any future Exclusive ELITE Level additional perks & amenities announced.


    • ELITE Rewarded Private Transfer: Airport to Hotel in Main City of Airport or Cruise Port (if in city: such as Barcelona)
    • ELITE Transfer Reward Valued at $100 for $10,000k+ per itinerary - One Way Private Transfer
    • ELITE Transfer Reward Valued at $200 for $20,000k+ per itinerary - Round Trip Private Transfers
    • [ELITE Transfer Credit Valid International Only & must be with my local driver services worldwide.]
    • (If Trip under $10,000, you will not receive a private transfer reward, instead you'll be awarded: 10,000 ELITE Miles, upon return.)


    • 5,000 ELITE Miles: Welcome Home Verified Google Review Loyalty Miles Thank you Bonus
    • 5,000 ELITE Miles: Welcome Home Verified Virtuoso Review Loyalty Miles Thank You Bonus
    • [one bonus reward of 5,000 ELITE Miles per vacation, Google & Virtuoso Combined awarded 10,000 ELITE Miles]


    • Annual in Person or Zoom Future Trip Planning Consultation: Travel Goals & Bucket list Destination Discussion, [Open Scheduling]
    • ELITE Club Members will receive a complementary print subscription of Virtuoso Life (mailed to you 6 Times Per Year)
    • ELITE Club Members will be invited to join the VIP Club Lounge (a Private Facebook Group), where membership in the group includes added bonus points & an amenity while traveling at 5 star hotel class. Bonus Amenity is at my discretion in value, and included once per trip, at one hotel only.


    The ELITE UNLIMITED Travel Planning gives you my services & access for the entire time you are at ELITE Level! Take a luxurious winter getaway to St. Barts, then have me curate your annual summer European itinerary, or perhaps it's time to check off that bucket list Safari or exotic South Pacific getaway. In between have me book those domestic extended weekend getaways, yes I'll do it all for you at no additional cost, hotels w/preferred status benefits, cars, cruises, tours & more.




    - No Minimum number of nights for Elite Level is required. Travel as little or as much as desired and utilize my expertise and benefits to the fullest.

    - At Launch, no minimum revenue spend per year is in place. This could change in year two, as I see what the average annual revenue per ELITE account is, and gear the ELITE level towards upper echelon clientele with added benefits.
    - Hotels must belong to Preferred Hotel Programs, or a non-preferred partner luxury hotel approved & booked by Mr. Travel Agent, LLC for ELITE Level loyalty points to be earned.



    Loyalty Miles Earning as ELITE:

    • ELITE Earns 1,000 ELITE Miles per $1,000 in Revenue
    • ELITE Referral Earns you 8,000 ELITE Miles, per booked & travelled referral
    • ELITE Referred Client earns instant $50 planning reduction per person, or $100 ELITE Level Membership Reduction per couple/family, or $50 for a single ELITE Membership.

    1,000 ELITE Miles = $7.50 (example: $20,000 vacation would earn you 20,000 ELITE Miles = $150)
    Miles Redemption: (Only allowed in writing by email, verbal redeeming request are not acceptable, and I
    will not automatically redeem your Miles, you must request redemption.)

    ELITE Miles can be redeemed towards ELITE renewal membership reduction & or any air ticket service charges.

    In effect frequent travelers in ELITE could possibly never have to pay full price to renew ELITE Membership.


    Revenue is defined as arrangements & services that are returning profit sharing to Mr. Travel Agent, LLC.


    ELITE Loyalty Miles Earnings Include:

    Air in conjunction with land stay/itinerary/cruise

    Air Only International: Business Class / First Class




    River Cruises

    Travel Insurance

    Private Guides/Drivers/Transfers/Tours & more private services.


    ELITE Loyalty Miles are NOT Earned On:

    Rail Tickets & Passes

    Air Only Domestic

    Air Only Economy International

    Ferry Tickets

    Event Tickets

    Cruise Excursions & Extras

    River Cruise Excursions & Extras

    ELITE Membership Costs

    ELITE Reduced Ticketing Charges on ALL Air






    Rules of the VIP Club Lounge:
    To be granted the additional travel amenity for being part of the Club Lounge, you must remain an
    active member of the Club Lounge. If you leave the Club Lounge your amenity status will be cancelled
    forever, regardless of Club Status. If you enjoy that nice bottle of Champagne or Wine
    on arrival in your luxurious hotel suite on behalf of Mr. Travel Agent, please don’t leave the VIP Club
    Lounge. Clients who are not in the VIP Club will not be accepted in the Club Lounge, unless I deem it
    appropriate due to past travels, loyalty, and referrals.


    Ok, What is the VIP Club Lounge?!
    The VIP Club Lounge is an Exclusive Client Only Facebook group, accessible only on invite approval. You
    can request to join the Lounge, but unless I know you, or you are a past, current, upcoming client you
    will not be approved to join the Lounge. The Lounge does not grant you access to the
    Club Levels itself, but most will be members of the Club, as that is the goal of the Lounge. To promote travel,
    travel news and liked minded travel conversation amongst its members.

    The VIP Club Lounge Annual Bonus Miles, per account = 8,000 ELITE Miles


    (You will not be approved for the VIP Facebook Group unless you are a client)



    Club Value & Cancellation:
    The ELITE Club retains no credit or cash value.

    No refunds or future credits will be given for any unused value of
    Club benefits upon expiration of status or leaving the Club.

    Club Membership is non transferable, but can be downgraded.

    Auto renewal of ELITE Club Membership: Exactly 1 year, if renewal charge fails you will be contacted to give new card for reenrollment, or membership will be cancelled. Failure in writing to notify Mr. Travel Agent, LLC of non-renewal before expiration date, will be deemed approval to auto reenroll, because you want to stay ELITE.

    Miles earned are completely lost and hold no cash value if membership is cancelled by member or
    terminated by Mr. Travel Agent, LLC. Miles retain accumulated value annually so long as membership is
    renewed. Miles lose no value so long as membership is intact.


    ELITE Members who chose not to renew, can transfer points to The VIP Club Level, with no loss in points. Only

    If your account has already at that time met the 6 night minimum annual to requalify as a free account. If your account has not met this requirement you will have option of paying account renewal charge to maintain membership in Club. Account holder can use ELITE Miles towards this membership renewal, if need be, else the account will be terminated, and all Miles will be lost.


    Please see your mobile app account for all ELITE Miles, as to number of points you hold as a family/couple or your membership status, & expiration date, or please email me:


    All travel arrangements to qualify for Club status and loyalty points must go exclusively through Mr. Travel Agent, LLC.


    "I welcome all new clientele to ELITE club membership, and as always my repeat clientele….you are THE BEST!
    I’m so happy and excited to reward your loyalty now and into the future!"
    Thank you so much for everything!


    – Derek Schemonitz, Owner of Mr. Travel Agent, LLC

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