• The VIP Club & Lounge of Mr. Travel Agent, LLC

    Welcome to the Club! Where your loyalty is appreciated & rewarded!

    Club Terms & Benefits - Updated 3/1/23

  • Mr. Travel Agent's VIP CLUB & LOUNGE

    Welcome to the VIP Club & Lounge of Mr. Travel Agent, LLC!

    Being a member of the Club offers you special amenities and service charge reductions,
    and more based on your level of travel (5* or 4*) and frequency of travel. There are two tiers to the VIP Club. The main tier & the ELITE tier.
    The VIP Club is for assigned to all clientele new & returning for free and awards those who love traveling in luxury and staying at luxury hotels.

    These two tiers have different benefits & amenities. Both allow you access to the Club Lounge by request
    or invite. The ELITE level, is the ultimate luxury unlimited level, which is not free.

    As your loyalty continues with Mr. Travel Agent, LLC so will your status in the CLUB!

    Traveling at least once a year from your membership auto enrollment date will automatically qualify
    you for membership in the VIP Club every single year, so long as minimums are met.

    Club Membership


    • 1st Trip – Normal service charges Apply and status is earned for 1 year from membership approval date.
    • 2nd Trip booked w/in 1 year of membership date = Up to 50% off Planning Fees by using Miles
    • 3rd Trip booked w/in 1 year of membership date = Up to 75% off Planning Fees by using Miles
    • 2nd Trip in 2 Years = Up to 25% off Planning Fees by using Miles.
    • Air Benefit = $100.00 per person ticketing for international flights, throughout membership.
    • Points Earning & Redemption (See details below)
    • Referrer & Referral Bonus Points (See details below)
    • Annual Bonus Points Being Part of the VIP Club Lounge (See below)
    • Free Business Cards on request & access to my LINQ Digital Business Card Profile to share and refer me easily to others.
    • Client Referrals receive membership for 1 year. Which earns you & the referrer both bonus points once revenue points are assigned after completion of your first trip.
    • If/When another couple or family is traveling with Club Member then travelers will receive same status as long as traveling together on all arrangements and will also receive 1 year membership.
    • Club Members include Virtuoso and Preferred Partner Hotel Program benefits, so long as Mr. Travel Agent , LLC retains affiliation with Avenue Two Travel who belongs to these programs.
    • Club Members will receive free digital publications of Virtuoso & Virtuoso Life (6 Times Per Year), if you like to receive a print edition mailed to you, you can redeem points for a print subscription or randomly I may gift clients at my discretion a free subscription or random issues based on travel class, frequency & revenue.
    • Club Members will be invited to join the VIP Club Lounge (a Private Facebook Group), where membership in the group includes an added bonus points & amenity while traveling at 5 star hotel class. Bonus Amenity is at my discretion in value, and included once per trip, at one hotel only.


    Club Miles Earnings:

    • 5 Star Hotels, Luxury Cruise Lines, Luxury Escorted Tours, all Private Customization Guides/Drivers/Services: Earns 1,000 Miles for every $1,000
    • 4 Star Hotels, Moderate Cruise Lines, Moderate Escorted Tours, all non private customization: Earns 500 Miles for every $1,000

    1,000 Miles = $5 (example: $10,000 luxury 5 star vacation would earn you as 10,000 Miles = $50)


    Miles Redemption: (Only allowed in writing by email, verbal redeeming request are not acceptable, and I do not automatically redeem your miles, you must request redemption.) Miles can be redeemed towards service charge reductions of booking charges, planning charges, air & rail ticketing charges, pre-payable service arrangements that allow it, in addition to a print subscription of Virtuoso & Virtuoso Life if desired. Redemption cannot exceed cost of max service fees for active trip.


    To Earn Higher Miles Redemption Values, better benefits & amenities & Eliminate Planning Charges Across the Board,

    Join or upgrade to the ELITE Level.


    Qualifications to earn Membership for 1 Year:

    Club Membership Status is at my discretion based on your travels, and I reward loyalty.

    A Club Member will stay in 5 star hotels, 4 star hotels, private customization, sail on luxury ocean and river cruise
    lines, or travel by luxury escorted tours. Have private drivers and guides and more.

    - Minimum number of nights to main Club Status: 6 Nights Annually with or without air.
    - Hotels can belong to Hotel Programs, or a non-preferred partner luxury hotel & or 4* hotels or hotel program approved by Mr. Travel Agent, LLC.
    - Cruises lines at Luxury Level: Examples: Seabourn, Silversea, Oceania, Regent, Viking, etc..
    - Cruise lines at Moderate Level: Examples: Royal Caribbean, Holland America, NCL, Princess, etc..
    - River Cruise lines Luxury Level: Uniworld, AMA Waterways, etc..
    - River Cruise lines at Moderate Level: Avalon, Viking, etc..

    SILVER level Cruise & River cruise line suites MAY qualify you for Luxury miles on review of costs.
    Escorted Tours as Luxury or Moderate are determined by class of hotel on escorted tour, and
    exclusivity of the escorted tour brand. For Example, Tauck or A&K would be considered Luxury,
    while Globus or Collette would be considered Moderate.


    Booking part of your travels on own, and then coming to me for bits & pieces of arrangements, for
    example booking a cruise on own, but then coming to me for a few pre/post nights and transfers, may
    not qualify you for status, unless those arrangements meet my minimum qualification requirements of 6
    nights. Traveling twice within 1 year and combining those stays of 2/3/4 nights at 4 or 5 star
    hotels/cruises/tours/customization, will be allowed to earn you initial membership. Once those
    requirements are met in full you will be given 1 year membership, effective the
    date you meet requirements.

    Membership renewal is maintained when you reserve a new vacation within 1 year of your enrollment
    date, not travel date, and that new reservation meets minimum requirements for membership. At 1
    year from enrollment your membership will either expire or renew immediately for you. Rollover of
    nights to new year is not accepted, except if nights traveled exceed 15 nights in year, 1 year rollover in
    this case will be accepted, there will be no 2 year rollover allowed unless maybe you are going around
    the world in 30 days or something! Revenue points rollover does accrue so long as membership is


    If you fail to meet minimum requirements for annual renewal, you'll be given the option of purchasing a renewal membership for you or your family. This will therefore allow you to maintain your revenue membership Miles and status for 1 year, along with Club membership benefits. In addition service charges up to the value of your renewal membership costs are waived for your 1st trip reserved upon renewal.


    Renewal Costs to maintain membership (if not auto qualified):

    $300.00 per person for Mr. & Mrs. (1st & 2nd) Travelers on the account.

    $200.00 per person for adult children (18 y/o+) as 3rd+ traveler on family account

    $100.00 per person for teenage (13-18 y/o) as 3rd+ traveler on family account

    Children under 12: Free for family reenrollment.




    Rules of the VIP Club Lounge:
    To be granted the additional travel amenity for being part of the Club Lounge, you must remain an
    active member of the Club Lounge. If you leave the Club Lounge your amenity status will be cancelled
    forever, regardless Club Status. If you enjoy that nice bottle of Champagne or Wine
    on arrival in your luxurious hotel suite on behalf of Mr. Travel Agent, please don’t leave the VIP Club
    Lounge. Clients who are not in the VIP Club will not be accepted in the Club Lounge, unless I deem it
    appropriate due to past travels, loyalty, and referrals.


    Ok, What is the VIP Club Lounge?!
    The VIP Club Lounge is an Exclusive Client Only Facebook group, accessible only on invite approval. You
    can request to join the Lounge, but unless I know you, or you are a past, current, upcoming client you
    will not be approved to join the Lounge. The Lounge does not grant you access to the
    Club itself, but most will be members of the Club, as that is the goal of the Lounge. To promote travel,
    travel news and liked minded travel conversation amongst its members.

    The VIP Club Lounge Group on Facebook

    (Membership to the VIP Club Lounge Annual Bonus Miles)

    10,000 Miles

    (Only Clients will be admitted into the VIP Club Lounge Private Group on Facebook)



    Club Value & Cancellation:
    The Club retains no credit or cash value.

    No refunds or future credits will be given for any unused value of
    Club benefits upon expiration of status or leaving the Club.

    Cancellation Request to leave Club, holds no refund value or future credit value.
    Club Membership is non transferable

    Auto renewal of Club Membership: after exactly 1 year if conditions of renewal are met.

    Miles earned are completely lost and hold no cash value if membership is cancelled by member or
    terminated by Mr. Travel Agent, LLC. Miles retain accumulated value annually so long as membership is
    renewed. Miles lose no value so long as membership is intact.

    Miles can only be redeemed by Club member for self, wife or family living at
    same residence. Miles cannot be transferred to referral clients or traveling companions.

    Miles inquiries as to number of Miles you hold as a family/couple or your membership status, Floor,
    and expiration date, please email me: derek.schemonitz@avenuetwotravel.com

    All travel arrangements to qualify for Club status and membership points must go exclusively through Mr. Travel Agent, LLC.


    "I welcome all new clientele to club membership, and as always my repeat clientele….you are THE BEST!
    I’m so happy and excited to reward your loyalty now and into the future!"
    Thank you so much for everything!


    – Derek Schemonitz, Owner of Mr. Travel Agent, LLC

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