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    Dear Clientele & Readers,


    Effective Sept 2nd, 2019, Gulliver’s Travels (the Pittsburgh City Office of Avenue Two Travel) will consolidate it’s East Liberty/Shadyside office location. What does this mean for me and you my clients? First the office location will close on the end of business 8/30 and from that point forward no office consultations will be an held. Fortunately nothing is changing as to my position within the agency or my compensation agreement. As of Sept 2nd I will be working full time remotely out of my home office. I will keep normal business hours from 9am-5pm. My private direct line will ring at my home office and my email will of course remain active. Client travel consultations will be conducted during normal business hours Monday-Friday in the Bethel Park, Castle Shannon, Mt. Lebanon areas at local cafes with WiFi. (such as Starbucks, Panera, etc etc.) All consultations will be held out of office and with my agreement to meet as requested.

    Also as per normal I’m always open to potential Saturday morning consultations.




    The decision to consolidate the Pittsburgh branch of Avenue Two Travel, was not made due to any operational or financial issues within the agency, as there are absolutely none, we are 100% operational and better than ever.

    The reason for the consolidation is in effect due to the City of Pittsburgh’s decision that starting in September the city permit parking lots available to us, will no longer be an option. Construction approval has been given to begin building private apartment blocks in these lots. Eliminating 100% of all parking space permanently. When the construction finishes in a year or two, new lots will be built in area but will likely be dedicated to tenants in the apartments. While the Schoolhouse does have limited private parking, it is reserved to only those who work for the main business owned by the buildings main tenant ‘The BeautyShoppe’. It is full everyday and as much as they want us to stay in this building (as do we), however we nor our clients can park on site.


    Therefore it is the decision of Avenue Two Travel’s ownership to leave this location.


    Luxury Travel Advisors working for the Pittsburgh Branch will be working remotely from home.


    As this industry continues to modernize and evolve, so do we.


    Thank you kindly for your attention,


    I remain, sincerely


    Derek Schemonitz

    Luxury Travel Advisor

    Avenue Two Travel Pittsburgh (Gulliver’s Travels)

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