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    Avenue Two Travel App! (New!)


    The Avenue Two Travel app allows you to access your itineraries and travel documents on any mobile device. You may download this app for free, however in order to see your itinerary or any other trip preparation documents you must be booked on an Avenue Two trip.

    Notable features of the app:
    - Changes and updates to your itinerary are displayed in real time. You’ll always see the most up to date version of your itinerary.

    - Offline access of the itinerary and any attached documents – you can access your itinerary and trip documents even when you’re not in wifi. Whether you’re on a plane, in the airport terminal, or in a car on the way to the hotel you’ll be able to access any information you need.

    - Consolidates all details into one interface that you can take with you wherever you go.

    - Old travel itineraries remain on the app to provide inspiration for the future and to share details about your trip no matter where you go.


    Clients will be given individual access codes to view only their own itineraries and arrangements.


    Available on Google Play & Apple App Store

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